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This site is a companion of Franklin County, Ohio Gravestone Photos, &c.; it includes a complete list of all known Union County cemeteries.  It is our goal to eventually upload complete photographic inventories of all of these cemeteries. Photographs appearing on this site have been re-sized to download more quickly. If you would like to receive a higher resolution (larger) copy of any photograph for your personal (not-for-profit) use, please contact Leona at . All linked cemeteries contain complete photographic inventories; though some need to be updated.

Another complete list of Union County cemeteries (some with inscriptions) appears at:  Union County Genealogy & Local History.

The Union County Chapter of the Ohio Genealogical Society has published their readings of all Union County cemeteries. The books can be purchased, or they are available for onsite research at the Marysville Public Library, the Columbus Metropolitan Library, and the Ohio Historical Society/Archives Library.

A red asterisk (*) in front of a name indicates that the person was in some way important in the history of Union County. An item underlined in black is the best guess of the Webmaster. Items enclosed in brackets ( [ ] ) provide additional information not found on the grave stone.

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Allen Township:
  Broderick Cemetery
  Buck Run Cemetery Updated 4 Nov 2015

Claibourne Township:
  Claibourne Township Cemetery, Richwood Partial update 16 Nov 2016
(AKA Claibourne Cemetery)
  Hamilton Cemetery
  Old Richwood Cemetery
  Stony Point Cemetery

Darby Township:
  Darby Township Cemetery
(AKA Unionville Center Cemetery)
  Mitchell (Robinson) Cemetery
  Old St. John's Lutheran Cemetery
  St. John's Lutheran Cemetery Updated 25 May 2016
  St. Paul Lutheran Cemetery

Dover Township
  Buxton Cemetery
  Mount Herman Cemetery

Jackson Township
  Cheney Cemetery
  Price Cemetery
  Price Farm Cemetery
  Temple Cemetery

Jerome Township:
  Jerome Township Cemetery, Jerome
(AKA Jerome Township No. 1)
  Lower Liberty Cemetery (Found no stones standing in 1982)
  New California Cemetery
  Pleasant Hill Cemetery
(AKA Frankfort Cemetery, Herriott Cemetery, Jerome Cemetery, Old Jerome & Jerome Township No. 2 Cemetery)

Leesburg Township:
  Blues Creek Cemetery
  Brannon Cemetery
  Maple Dell Cemetery
  Hildreth Cemetery
  Hopewell Cemetery
  Scott Cemetery
  Smith Cemetery

Liberty Township:
  Baughn Cemetery
  Bear Swamp Cemetery
  Clark Cemetery
  Clegg Cemetery
  New Mill Creek Cemetery
  Judy Cemetery
  Raymond Cemetery Updated 7 Oct 2015
  United-Brethren Cemetery
Millcreek Township:
  Bouic Cemetery
  Watkins Cemetery

Paris Township
  Amrine Cemetery
  Mount Zion Church Cemetery, Marysville
  Oakdale Cemetery, Marysville Partially updated Section O 20 Dec 2015
  Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Cemetery, Marysville Partial update 8 Nov 2016
  Potter's Field, Marysville Complete list of interments added 18 Dec 2015
  Trinity Lutheran Cemetery

Taylor Township
  Asbury Cemetery
  Broadway Cemetery Updated 5 Oct 2015
  Ford Cemetery Updated 8 Mar 2014
(AKA Ford-Reed Cemetery)
  Maskill Cemetery Updated 13 Oct 2013
  Union Church Cemetery Updated 25 Jun 2014
    (AKA Hamilton Cemetery)

Union Township
  McDonald Cemetery
  Hathaway Cemetery
    (AKA Connor Cemetery)
  Milford Center Cemetery Partial update 4 Nov 2015
(AKA Union Township Cemetery)
  Woods-Reed Cemetery
    (AKA Upper Liberty Cemetery)

Washington Township
  Burnside (Arbela) Cemetery
  Byhalia Cemetery
  Rush Creek Cemetery

York Township
  East York Cemetery
  Johnson Farm Cemetery
  Somersville Cemetery
  Southard Cemetery
    (AKA Southardtown Cemetery)
  York Cemetery
    (AKA York Center Cemetery)

Madison County Cemeteries with strong Union County connections

  Bigelow Pioneer Cemetery (AKA Boerger Cemetery)
  Darby Township Cemetery (Partially photographed)
  Forest Grove Cemetery (Partially photographed) Updated 11 November 2016
  Guy Cemetery

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