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Scott Cemetery
Leesburg Township
Union County, Ohio

Scott Cemetery, Leesburg Township, Union County, Ohio

Gravestone Photographs

Located on the west side of State Route 4 north of Pharisburg and just a little south of Kinney Pike, this tiny cemetery has seen better days. Only three gravestones are still standing. Three stones were found leaning against the wire fence and to the left of the large monument located at the left side of the photograph above. They are three brothers, all of whom died at age 25 years, sons of Francis and Nancy Scott (F & N Scott). I'm not sure that we would have seen the three had we visited the cemetery in the summer; they are listed indiviually below. On the other side of the cemetery (north corner) we found several broken stones, one of which seems to have left its corner in one of the trees as the tree grew around it. The rest of the stone, one of two for Jonhathan Zane, was found with part leaning against a tree and the other part on the ground. One of the intact monuments is hidden behind the small tree (left center above) with it's yellow leaves still attached even though we photographed this cemetery on November 7, 2009. These stones are arranged in the order that they were photographed beginning with the large Scott monument on the left above, followed by the three sons, then proceeding right to the north corner. Underlined items are the Webmaster's "best guess."



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  • Scott, William E., Ohio, PVT CO I 121 REGT OHIO INF, Civil War, Jan 7, 1839-Feb 11, 1911
  • Zane
    • Indiana, dau of I & I, died Sept __, 1854, aged 10 yrs 7 mo 12 ds (Whole Stone)
    • Jonathan, died Feb 20, 18[44], aged 26 y 3 m 11 d; J. M. Knight, Mansfield, O [stonemason])
      • Top and bottom (Original stone for Jonathan?)
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