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Lower Libery Cemetery
(AKA Beard Cemetery, Ewing Cemetery)
Jerome Township, Union County, Ohio

Gravestone Photographs

Lower Liberty Cemetery is located on private property on the south bank of Big Darby Creek in Plain City. There were only a few broken pieces of stones left in 1982 when the Union County Genealogical Society took readings of all they could find. Since that time the pieces of the gravestone for James Ewing have been retrieved and cleaned, though not yet fully restored. Robert W. Parrott, president of the Union County Historical Society and member of the Union County Chapter of the Ohio Genealogical Society (UCCOGS) sent the photograph below for use on this page. Names found in 1985 are also shown, though there are no photographs. At this time (November 2013) the stone is in the care of the Jerome Township Trustees awaiting restoration of the cemetery.

The cemetery was probably associated with the Lower Liberty Presbyterian Church, which was located near this site. There are almost certainly more remains located in the cemetery as pieces of gravestones have been unearthed by farm machinery as much as 500 feet away.

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  • Beard, Samuel B., CO K 95 OVI, died Mem. Tenn. June 17, 1864, age 30 y [rest illegible]
  • Chapman, Israel, died June 7, 1842, aged 11 yrs 6 mos & 4 days
  • Donalson
    • John, died Sept 12, 1820, aged 1 year & 28 days
    • Infant son, died Oct 8, 1825, age 1 day
  • Euing, James, died Jan 11, 1842, aged 49 yrs 9 mos & 5 days
  • Ewing, James, died August 23, 1850, aged 80 yr & 20 ds
    • James Ewing and his brother, Joshua, purchased land in what would become Union County from Lucas Sullivant and his wife in 1897. They built a cabin and settled on their purchase in 1798, making them the earliest settlers in that portion of what was then, Ross County. When Union County was formed in 1820 James Ewing was elected Sheriff and remained in that postion until 1823; he was active in both the county and in the Lower Liberty Presbyterian Church. In 1803 Franklin County was formed, in part from Ross County, and according to The History of Union County, Ohio (Beers, 1883), page 281, "The record of the Court of Common Pleas for Franklin County has the following entry under the date of January 10, 1804: 'Ordered, that there be paid unto James Ewing, out of the treasury of Franklin County, the sum of $8.75, it being the compenstaion due to him for seven days; services in taking the list of the taxable property and the enumeration of white males in Darby Township for the year 1803."
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