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Trinity Lutheran Cemetery
Paris Township, Union County, Ohio

Trinity Lutheran Cemetery, Paris Township, Union County, OH

Gravestone Photographs

Located on State Route 736, Trintiy Lutheran Cemetery was the second cemetery started by the St. John's Lutheran congregation.  When the congregation split, the property on which the cemetery is located went to Trinity Lutheran Church.  It is well kept and as recently as two years ago this tiny cemetery surrounded by farms was still an active cemetery. This cemetery has been completely photographed (Spring 2010); if you would like to have full sized copies of any of the photos of gravestones located in the cemetery, please, contact .

Many of the early stones are inscribed in German; so I have provided a few translations of the most commonly used words, phrases, and abbreviations:
German to English Translations of commonly used inscriptions:
      Alter/Altern (Alt.) = age/aged
      Ehefrau von = Wife of
      Frau von = Wife of
      Gatten von = Wife of
      Geboren (Geb.) = Born
      Gestorben (Ges., Gest.) = Died
      Gross (Gr.) = Great/Large
      Hier Ruhet in Frieden = Here rests in peace
      Hier Ruhet in Gott = Here rests in God
      Jahren (J.) = Years
      Monat (M./Mo.) = Month
      Muter = Mother
      Sohn von = Son of
      Tage/Tagen (T.) = Day/days
      Tochter von = Daughter of
      Vater = Father

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  • Lochemeyer, Louise, geb 2 Feb 1831, gest 18 Jan 1874

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