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Claibourne Cemetery / Bethlehem Cemetery
Richwood, Union County, Ohio

Entrance Claibourne Township Cemetery, Richwood, Ohio

Gravestone Photographs

The earliest place of interment within the township was the one now most extensively used-at the Sidle Methodist Protestant Church, two miles south of Richwood. It is on the land which formerly belonged to Henry Swartz, and burials were commenced while the place was yet in the midst of a deep wilderness. Henry Swartz buried two small children here, and the deceased of his neighbors' families found their "eternal resting place" in the same secluded spot. The burials of Mr. Garner, John Logue, Mrs. Ira Bennett and Mrs. Rose were among the first. When Jacob C. Sidle became the proprietor of this farm, he donated an acre for a cemetery. Afterward it came within the charge of the Township Trustees, and they made additions to its limits. The grounds are located on rising land, and now receive the remains of "the departed" from Richwood and the surrounding country.—Beers, History of Union County, Ohio.

Now, more than a hundred years later, the cemetery has been enlarged even more and there is a mausoleum near the center of the cemetery for those who prefer entombment over interment.

The address and phone number are:
26763 State Route 37
Richwood, OH 43344
Phone: (740) 943-3277

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    • Underwood, Sarah, 1832-1903

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