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Church of the Holy Ghost, Denver, Colorado Immaculate Conception Cathedral, Denver, Colorado Trinity Methodist Church, Denver, Colo. (1901-1907) Trinity Methodist Church, Denver, Colo. St. Elizabeths Church, Denver, Colorado Central Presbyterian Church, Denver, Colo.
Christian Science Church, Denver, Colo. Christian Science Church, Denver, Colo. (ca. 1907-1915) St. Marl's Episcopal Church, Denver St. Leo's Church, Denver.

Boulevard School, North Denver, Colo. (pre-1907) East Side High School, Denver, Colorado East Side High School, Denver, Colo.  [ca. 1930] Manual Training High School, Denver, Colo. The Miss Colcott School, Denver, Colo. Morey Junior High School, Denver, Colorado
The North Side High School, Denver, Colorado North Denver High School, Denver, Colorado Mary Reed Library, University of Denver, Denver, Colorado (West) Denver High School, No. 2 West High School and Sunken Gardens, Denver, Colorado
West High School with Sunken Garden in Foreground, Denver, Colorado Wolfe Hall, Denver, Colorado.  Miss Margaret Kerr, Principal Foote Hall, Colorado Women's College, Denver, Colorado

St. Anthony's Hospital, Denver, Colo. [ca. 1901-1907] St. Joseph's Hospital, Denver, Colo. [ca. 1920] St. Joseph's Hospital, Denver, Colo. St. Luke's Hospital, Denver, Colo. The Old Ladies' Home, North Denver [ca. 1901-1907]

Parks & Amusement Parks
Mounted Cowboy, City Park 18th Avenue Entrance City Park, Denver, Colorado (1905) The Lakeside Promenade, City Park, Denver, Colo. Electric Fountain, City Park, Denver Electric Fountain & Pavilion at Night, City Park, Denver, Colo. Electric Fountain and Pavillion City Park, Denver
Electric Fountain, City Park at Night, Denver, Colorado (1940) Electric Fountain in City Park Mt. Evans from City Park, Denver, Colorado 1669.  Pavilion, City Park, Denver, Colo. Casino & Band Stand, City Park, Denver, Colo. (1910) Monument, City Park, Denver, Colo.
City Park & Thatcher Monument, Denver, Colorado City Park Lake, Denver, Colo. Duck Lake, City Park, Denver, Colo. City Park and Thatcher Monument, Denver, Colorado Thatcher Monument, City Park, Denver, Colorado
Skating at City Park, Denver, Colorado Colorado Museum of Natural History, Overlooking City Park, Denver, Colorado McClellan Gate, City Park Entrance, Denver, Colo. Monument, City Park, Denver, Colo.

Sunset, Cheesman Park, Denver, Colo. Mt. Vernon Gardens, Washington Park, Denver, Colorado 1662 - Washington Park, Denver, Colo. (1908) Mt. Evans and Snowy Range from Inspiration Point, Denver, Colorado

Elitch's Gardens, Denver, Colo. (ca. 1907-1915) Entrance Elitch's Garden, Denver, Colo. [ca. 1907-1915] The Bungalow, Elitch's Garden, Denver, Colo. [ca. 1907-1915] Scene, Elitch's Gardens, Denver, Colo. [pre 1907] A Quiet Rest Place, Elitch's Gardens, Denver, Col. (1907)
Denver, Colo., A Corner of Elitch Gardens.

Entrance to Lakeside Park, Denver {ca. 1907-1915] Ball Room, Rink and Boat House; Lakeside Park, Denver [ca. 1907-1915] The Casino and Band Stand, White City, Denver, Colo. [1907-1915] Ball Room and Lake, White City, Denver, Colo. "The Tickler", Lakeside, Denver Panoramic View of Lakeside Park, White City, Denver, Colorado.

Colorado Columbine (State Flower)
  665.  The Columbine.  Colorado's State Flower [pre-1907] Colorado State Flower by Ken Haag Columbine, Colorado State Flower.  
Colorado Columbine, Sate Flower Colorado Columbines and Aspens Columbine, Colorado State Flower. 1503 - Columbine, Colorado State Flower, copyright 1907, by H. H. Tammon Greetings from the Heart of Colorado
  Colorado Columbine - Pike's Peak--Alt. 14,147 Ft. - The old Way and the New  1904 by H. H. Tammen, Denver. U. S. Singal Station Top of Pikes Peak; Columbine the pride of Colorado Columbine and State Capitol, Denver, Colorado  
Colorado Wildflowers

Miscellaneous, Advertising, Etc.
World's Biggest American Flag Hangman's Tree, Denver, Colorado Gates Tire Company, Denver, Colorado 229 Silver State Laundry, We Deliver the Goods. (1910) Interior, Brown Palace Hotel, Denver, Colorado The Buckhorn Pioneer Lodge, Denver, Colorado
Interior, International Trust Company, Denver, Colorado The Home of the Denver Music Company, Established 1884.  Denver, Colo. The Tiffin Dining Room, Denver, Colo. THE DENVER DRY GOODS CO., MAIN AISLE 400 FT. LONG, DENVER, COLO. A.T.Lewis & Son Dry Goods Co.--Knight Templar Decorations, Aug. 12-15, 1913 Rally Day Emmaus Ev. Lutheran Sunday School (1942)
Court of Honor, B.P.O. Elks, Golend Jubilee, Denver, 1914 Giant Elk, Court of Honor, Elks; Golden Jubilee, Denver, 1914 1229 Downing St., Denver, Colorado Central City Opera House Central City, Colorado (Gilpin County) Business Street, Brighton, Colo. (Adams County)
July 14, 1914 Flood, Denver, Colorado Front of Union Depot, 17th St., Denver Flood, July 14, 1912 Removing snow after the big storm; Colfax and Broadway, Denver, December, 1913 Molly Brown House, Denver, Colorado 9/489 - Recruit Camp, Ft. Logan, Colo.  
    Cristmas Greetins from Denver, Colo.    

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