Government and the institutions it creates must evolve over time or they stagnate and eventually die. The institutions that existed when Ohio celebrated her first one hundred years have, for the most part evolved with the social and economic evolution of the state and country. Some have been renamed; some serve a purpose not envisaged when they were created; some have new physical buildings and surroundings; none have disappeared completely. All are part of our history and have provided vital services while forming the state as it is today.

Descriptions and illustrations for this section of the Ohio ALHN are taken from The Ohio Hundred Year Book by Elliot Howard Gilkey (Columbus, Fred J. Heer, State Printer, 1901), pages 652-759.

The Ohio Capitol Building
The Ohio State Board of Agriculture
Ohio Agricultural Experiment Station at Wooster
The Athens State Hospital
The Cleveland State Hospital
The Columbus State Hospital
The Dayton State Hospital
The Longview State Hospital
The Massillon State Hospital
The Toledo State Hospital
The Institution for the Education of the Blind
The Institution for Deaf Mutes
The Institution for Feeble-Minded Youth
Hospital For Epileptics
The Boy's Industrial School
The Girl's Industrial School
The Ohio Penitentiary
The Ohio Reformatory (Mansfield)
Ohio Soldiers' and Sailor' Home (Sandusky)
The Ohio Soldiers' and Sailors' Orphans' Home, Xenia
Ohio State University
The Ohio University (Athens)
Miami University
The Wilberforce University
Women's Relief Corps Home for Army Nurses
The Working Home for the Blind

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