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THE law creating this institution was enacted April 12, 1884; corner-stone was laid in '86, Hon. J. B. Foraker, Governor. The west wing and administration departments were not completed for occupancy until September 18, '96, when 150 prisoners were brought from Columbus.

The object of the institution is reformatory. Inmates are supposed to be first offenders, are admitted for all crimes except murder in the first degree, between the ages of 16 and 30. Male persons only are admitted. There are three grades, first, second and third. When inmates are admitted they are placed in the second grade; if their conduct justifies at the expiration of six months, they are promoted to the first grade, in which they remain for a second six months, when if their conduct justifies, they are recommended to the Board of Managers for parole. With the consent of the Board of Managers they go out and remain the wards of the state under the supervision of the institution for six months, when if their conduct justifies, they are fully discharged, and restored to citizenship by the Governor. In mates are reduced to the third grad from either the first or second for punishment for certain misdemeanors.

They receive an indeterminate sentence from the court and the length of time they remain here is governed largely by their conduct, and is exclusively in the hands of the Superintendent and the Board of Managers. They can be released at the expiration of the minimum time prescribed by law for the crime committed, or can be retained until the maximum time has expired.

They are required to attend school and learn such trades as it is possible to teach them under the limited conditions now existing. It is expected, however, within the next few years shops will be erected and trades taught to these boys, so that when they go out, they will be able to make an honest living.

The present Superintendent was elected as Deputy and commenced service July 6, 1896, succeeded W. D. Patterson, the first Superintendent, April 1, 1897, and has held the position of Superintendent up to the present time.

Following is a list of the members of the Board of Managers since the institution began:

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