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Athens State Hospital, Athens, Ohio

THE Athens State Hospital was under the process of construction from 1868 until January 9, 1864, when the first patients were admitted. The first two admissions to the institution were Thos. Armstrong and Daniel Fernaw. Mr. Armstrong died within a few months and Mr. Fernaw has been until now an inmate of the institution.

Dr. Richard Gundry was made Superintendent of Construction in June, 1872, and remained Superintendent until the 15th of December, 1876, when he resigned to assume the superintendence of the newly constructed asylum at Columbus. Upon the resignation of Dr. Gundry the superintendency of the institution devolved upon the senior assistant physician, Dr. Thos. Blackstone, now of Circleville, Ohio, who man-aged its affairs discreetly and faithfully. On the 16th of January, 1877, Dr. C. L. Wilson, of Indianapolis, Ind., was chosen to fill the vacancy. He being declared ineligible by the Supreme Court, Dr. H. C. Rutter was elected by the board of trustees to fill the va-cancy. Dr. Rutter was then a resident of Bellefontaine, Ohio. The next superintendent was Dr. P. H. Clarke, of Meigs County. Dr. Holden, of Zanesville, was then appointed to succeed Dr. Clarke. On the 6th of May, 1880, Dr. H. C. Rutter was re-appointed and he resigned this position in February, 1881, and Dr. A. B. Richardson was elected to fill the vacancy. Dr. Richardson resigned the superintendency April 17, 1890, and Dr. W. P. Crumbacker was appointed to the place. Dr. Crumbacker resigned May 19, 1892, and Dr. C. O. Dunlap was appointed. He resigned June 1, 1896, and Dr. E. H. Rorick was appointed to fill his place. While it can be said that the Athens State Hospital never had an inefficient superintendent it will be noticed on the other hand, that two of the superintendents (Dr. Gundry and Dr. Richardson) attained a national reputation in their line of work.

This hospital is in close proximity to the beautiful and historical city of Athens, noted for its pure air and cultured people. While the Athens State Hospital is not the largest in the state is is certainly one of the best. It is here that years ago Dr. Richardson, then its superintendent, first took the straight-jacket off the inmates and inaugurated a new era in the treatment of insane patients. It was also during the superintendency of Dr. Richardson that the congregate dining room system was inaugurated in the state of Ohio.

The original capacity of the institution was only 572, but by new arrangements and some additions to the buildings the capacity has been enlarged to 813. The greatest number of patients ever in the institution at one time, which has been during the present year, was 1012. The institution is surrounded by grounds which are both spacious and beautiful, containing walks, drives, gardens, and artificial lakes, bounding on the south bank of the beautiful Hocking River.

The present officers of the institution are: Board of Trustees, John N. Hayman, Middleport, President; Dr. S. B. Lightner, Sabina; Virgil C. Lowry, Logan; W. H. Williams, Columbus; and Hollis C. Johnston, Gallipolis. Resident Officers: E. h. Rorick, M. D., Superintendent; C. B. Parker, M. D., Assistant Physician; Milo Wilson, M. D., Asistant Physician; F. C. Rochester, Steward; S. J. McGrew, Sttorekeeper, M. P. Rorick, Matron.

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