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ON March 31, 1892, was passed a bill authorizing the appointment of a commission to select a site for a new institution as the Eastern Ohio Insane Asylum, now the Massillon State Hospital. The commission was appointed by Governor McKinley very shortly after the passage of the bill, and

Dr. Henry C. Eyman, Superintendent Massillon State Hospital, OH
Superintendent Massillon State Hospital

consisted of Dr. A. B. Richardson, Columbus; George R. Davis, Wapakoneta; and Dr. C. W. King, Dayton. This commission selected a site two miles south of Massillon, Stark county, Ohio, and on November 30th, same year, the Governor appointed a board of trustees, conformitory with the law establishing the institution. This building board consisted of Robert Sherrard, Jr., Steubenville; S. J. McMahon, Cambridge; Wm. H. Mullins, Salem; Dr. A. B. Richardson, Columbus; Dr. H. C. Eyman, Cleveland. Under the supervision of this building board a dining-room building, a kitchen and bakery building, a store house, a boiler house, a power house, a carpenter shop, a laundry building, a hospital building, an infirmary building, a superintendent's residence, a steward's residence and seven cottages were constructed.

The institution has now a capacity of 756 patients. In 1894 Mr. Mullins resigned and was succeeded by B. F. Perry, of Jefferson. In 1895 Mr. Sherrard died; his place was filled by the appointment of Mr. D. J. Sinclair, of Steubenville. In February, 1897 Dr. Eyman was succeeded by Dr. E. G. Carpenter, of Cleveland, Mr. Sinclair by George D. Copeland, of Marion. In April, 1898, Dr. A. B. Richardson was elected superintendent and Dr. A. B. Howard, of Cuyahoga Falls, was appointed his successor on the board. In October, 1899, Dr. A. B. Richardson, resigned his position as superintendent and Dr. H. C. Eyman, of Cleveland, was appointed his successor. In April, 1900, the board was changed from a building board to an operating board with the following members: Mr. S. J. McMahon, Cambirdge; Mr. George D. Copeland, Marion; Mr. J. B. Zerbe, Cleveland; Dr. John E. Russell, Mt. Vernon, and Mr. J. H. Newton, Newark.

The following is a list of the present officers:

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