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Early Franklin County Homesteads

Franklin County Timeline (Under Contstruction -- I would appreciate your input)

Franklin County, Ohio Gravestone Photos &c.

Franklin County Populated Places (Past & Present)

Franklin County Maps

Franklin County Sheriffs; 1803-2006

Old News From Columbus, Ohio Newspapers

1858 History of Franklin County

1878 Wiggins & M'Killop's Franklin Co. Directory*
(Under Construction)

1880 History of Franklin & Pickaway Counties, Ohio

Columbus Mayors, 1816-

Vintage Franklin County, Ohio Postcards
(NOTE: If you have any vintage Franklin County postcards online,
please, the URL so that I can add a link to them.)

East High Hand Book (Columbus, 1933/34)

The Sixty-fourth Commencement
of the Columbus High Schools
- East, South, and West
Presented here courtesy Bob Quinn,

Many Happy Returns to Lazarus

Columbus Restaurant History

Some 18th & 19th Century American Nicknames

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