Vintage Franklin County, Ohio

All postcards on this page are part of my personal collection.  Enjoy them.  Whenever possible I've included the date the card was mailed or made.  Unused cards may have a time period included [ca. = about] which indicates the period when that type of postcard was in use.  The collection is small right now, but it will grow.
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Vintage Ohio Postcards

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(State Capitol & County Seat)

The Ohio State House
Ohio State Capitol, Columbus, O.
State House, Columbus, Ohio Ohio State Capital, Columbus, Ohio Night View of Ohio State Capitol, Columbus, Ohio McKinley Memorial, Columbus, Ohio State Capitol, Columbus, O. Ohio State Capitol, showing New Portion, Columbus, Ohio. (1901-1907)
State Capito and Ground, Columbus, O. State Capitol and McKinley Memorial. (1923) Columbus, Ohio, State Capitol Buildings (leather) State Capitol, Columbus, O. (ca. 1907-1915) Capitol Grounds, from corner State and High Streets, Columbus, O. COLUMBUS, OHIO, State Capitol (pre-1907-Tuck)

The Ohio State University

Main Building, Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio (1911)
Administration Building, Ohio  State University, Columbus, Ohio. (mailed 1919) Gymnasium and Armory, Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio A-29, On the Campus at Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio A-30, At Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio Columbus, O.; Observatory, O. S. U.
Columbus, Ohio, Beautiful Mirror Lake is located on Ohio State University Campus (ca. 1939) Oxley Hall, Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio. (ca. 1907-1915) Gymnasium and Natatorium, Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio University Spring, Ohio Sgate university, Columbus, Ohio. (1923) The Armory, Ohio State University. (1923) New Power Plant, O.S.U., Columbus,O.

State Institutions
State Institutions, Columbus, Ohio
State School for the Blind. (1923) State Institution for Blind, Columbus, Ohio (1901-1907) Ohio Institution for the Blind State School for Blind, Columbus, Ohio. Ohio State School for the Blind, Columbus, Ohio
Ohio State Penitentiary. (1923) Ohio Penitentiary, Columbus, Ohio (1906) Ohio State Penitentiary, Columbus, Ohio (1913) Ohio State Penitentiary, Columbus, Ohio (1924) Fountain Ohio State Penitentiary, Columbus, Ohio (ca. 1907-1915) The State Penitentiary - Columbus (ca. 1907-1909)
Institution of Feeble Minded, Columbus, O. (1910) Administration Building, State Hospital, Columbus, O.  21181 State Hospital for Insane, Columbus, Ohio (1901-1907) Ohio State Office Building State Institution for Deaf and Dumb, Columbus, Ohio (1901-1907) Deaf and Dumb Instution, Columbus, O. (ca. 1906)

Street Scenes
The heart of Columbus, Ohio
Broad Street, Columbus, Ohio (1901-1907) View of North High Street, Columbus, O. at night Columbus, Ohio Union Station High Street Viaduct Looking North from State & High Sts., Columbus, O. High Street North from State Street, Columbus, Ohio East Broad Stree, Columbus, Ohio at night
High St., Columbus, O. High Street NorthFrom Gay Street, Columbus, Ohio (1923) 8381.  Birds Eye View West, Columbus, O. 8377.  Birds Eye View Looking North West, Columbus, O. (1910) Night Scene High Street, Columbus, Ohio. (1901-1907) High St. at Night (1908)
High Street, looking North from Gay Street, Columbus, Ohio (1918) High Street Looking North from Capitol (1923) High Street North from Town Street, Columbus Ohio (1924) Broad and High Streets, Columbus, O. Broad and High Street, Columbus, Ohio (1942) the Neil House, Columbus, Ohio (1915)

Buildings of Note
The Homes of Columbus' Clubs - Columbus Club-Ohio Club-Franklin Club
City Hall, Columbus, Ohio   9455 Enlarged
Josephinum--Pontifical College & St. Vincent's Orphan Asylum
Columbus Savings and Trust Co. Building, Columbus, Ohio (1901-1907) First National Bank Building, Columbus, Ohio Hotel Fort Hayes, Columbus, Ohio Le Veque-Lincoln Tower at Night, Columbus, Ohio Board of Trade Bldg., Columbus, Ohio 4:--First Congregational Church, Columbus, Ohio
Franklin County Court House (Early 20th century)
Masonic Temple (1923) Elk's Home (1923) Carnegie Public Library, Columbus, Ohio (1900-1907) Carnegie Library, Columbus, Ohio (1908) Post Office and Hartman Theatre Building. (1923)
Union Station. (1923) Post Office, Columbus, Ohio Franklin County Memorial and Auditorium, Columbus, Ohio (1901-1907) Memorial Hall (1923) Memorial Hall, Columbus, Ohio. Columbus Memorial  Hall [Winter scene] (1907)
Capitol Savings and Trust Co. and the Hayden Buildings, Columbus, Ohio (1901-1907) Civic Center Group, Columbus, Ohio Masonic Temple, Columbus, Ohio Rowland Building and Athletic Club, Columbus, Ohio Main Building of U. S. Barracks, Columbus, Ohio The Barracks, Columbus, Ohio

Hospitals/Medical Schools
Ohio Medical University, Columbus, Ohio Ohio Medical University and Protestant Hospital.  Columbus, O. (1901-1907) Medical College, Ohio State University, and Protestant Hospital, Columbus, Ohio (1920) Starling Medical College, Columbus, Ohio St. Francis Hospital Mt. Carmel Hospital, Columbus, Ohio (ca. 1907-15)

Chittenten Hotel, Columbus, Ohio
Chittenten Hotel, Columbus, Ohio Chittenden Hotel Lobby, Columbus, OH (1916) Great Southern Hotel and Opera House, Columbus, Ohio Neil House and A. I. U. Tower, Columbus, Ohio Hartman Hotel, Columbus, Ohio. (1901-1907)

Rustic Bridge -- Schiller Park, Columbus, Ohio (1906) Rustic Bridge Shiller Park, Columbus, Ohio (ca. 1908-1915) North West Entrance to Goodale Park, Columbus, Ohio Goodale Park Lake. (1923) Goodale Park, Columbus, Ohio Swimming Pool at Indianola Park, Columbus, Ohio
Rustic Bridge, Indianola ParK, Columbus, Ohio. Schiller Monument, City Park, Columbus, Ohio (1901-1907) Flower Beds and Amusements, Olentangy Park, Columbus, Ohio. (1916) Theatre Building in Olentangy Park. (1923) Franklin Park, Columbus, Ohio Franklin Park (1923)
Conservatory and Drive, Franklin Park, Columbus, Ohio. Fountain Franklin Park, Columbus, Ohio (1907) Fountain at Franklin Park, Columbus, Ohio
1913 Flood
NOTE: The first sixteen (16) post cards shown below were all included in a souvenier folder, though each was also available as a single post card.  All are photos that appeared on the pages of the Columbus Dispatch at the time.
  Glenwood Ave., Cols. O. Flood 3-25-13 Fire-Smoke-Fire, Col.O. Flood 3-25-13 Big 4 Tracks, Col.O. Flood 3-25-13 The Break in the Levee, Col.O. Flood 3-26-13  
  Rescue Boats, Cols. O. Flood 3-25-13 W. Town St., Cols O., Flood 3-25-13 Cypress Ave., Cols. O. Flood 3-26-13 Town St. Bridge, Cols., O. Flood 3-25-13  
  Looking West from T-OC RR, Cols., O. Flood 3-25-13 Col. Flood 3-25-13 Cypress-Broad, Cols. O. Flood 2-25-13 Thomas Ave from Cypress, Cols. O. Flood 3-26-13  
  Cols. O. Flood, State St Bridge Just Breaking 3-25-13 Broken Levee - Sandusky St. Near State & Mill Sts. Bird's Eye View, Col's O. Flood 3-25-13  
Town St. Bridge, Cols. O. Flood, 3-26-13 (day after flood) Along W. Broad St, Col. o. Flood-March 25-13--At Broad St. and Bridge, Columbus, O., Flood 3-25-13

United Brethren Church, Westerville, Ohio (1938) College Avenue and Lambert Hall, Westerville, Ohio Lambert Hall, Westerville, Ohio. (Music Hall) Cochran Hall, Otterbein College, Westerville, Ohio (Girls' dormetory) Saum Hall, Otterbein College, Westerville, Ohio (Girls' dormetory)  

Franklin County Miscellaneous

Our Jewels Monument, Columbus, O. Gen. U. S. Grant, Gen. Philip Sheridan, James A. Garfield, Rutherford P. Hayes, Gen. Wm T. Sherman, Edwin Stanton, Salmon P. Chase Soldiers and Sailors Monument, Columbus, Ohio [Green Lawn Cemetery] (1910)
"Mortuary Chapel-Greenlawn Cemetery," Columbus, Ohio. (1908) Chapel at Greenlawn Cemetery, Columbus, Ohio Larger View
Elks Memorial in Green Lawn Cemetery, Columbus, OH (pre-1907)
Mount Calvary Cemetery, Columbus, Ohio, (Priest's Circle) Columbus Gun Club, Columbus, Ohio (ca. 1908-1915) Country Club, Columbus, Ohio
Larger View
Points of Interest in Columbus, Ohio (1946)
State Fair Grounds, Columbus, O.-- Central Park View House at State Fair Grounds which protect[s] the cabin in which Gen. U. S. Grant was born, Columbus, Ohio New Double Deck Street Car at the Union Station, Columbus, Ohio. Methodist Centenary Celebration, Columbus Ohio, June 20-July 13, 1919, Entrance Arch erected by:  Wm. Beck & Sons Co. Dining Hall, Ohio State Penitentiary, Columbus, Ohio
Storage Dam. (1923) Storage Dam, Col., O. Snow Scene, Columbus, Ohio (mailled 1/18/1916) See also LARGE LETTER

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