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The following list contains the names of "Populated Places" and Post Offices (PO) in Franklin County that are either unincorporated, or no longer exist.  Some communities have been swallowed up by larger cities like Columbus, Reynoldsburg, Worthington and others.  Underlined names are linked to additional information.  Over the coming months I will attempt to learn more about the others and post the information on this page.

Occasionally I am asked something along the lines of, "My great-grandfather's death certificate gives his place of death as ______ (you fill in the blank) in Franklin County.  Can you tell me where that is?"  One possible answer can be found in the list below.  It's possible that the family's mail was delivered at a post office that was established at a particular spot, usually in an area with at least a few businesses, or a cluster of homes.  In many cases the tiny community dissolved when the post office was closed and mail sent to another post office.  In some places the community remained, but never formed a governing body, thus remaining unincorporated.

Locations listed below that are preceded by an asterisk (*) no longer exist and their exact location has, in many instances, been lost.

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Incorporated cities and villages can be found at Useful Links.
Ackerman (Seagrave) 40º00'24"N 083º02'03"W NW Columbus
Alton 39º57'01"N 083º10'29"W Prairie Twp.
*Alum Creek Unknown Unknown Was located E of Columbus in
Montgomery Twp.
Amlin (AKA Amlin Station) 40º04'37"N 083º10'52"W Washington Twp.
*Avenue Unknown Unknown Was located SW of Camp Chase in
Franklin Twp.
*Baker Hill Unknown Unknown Was located NW of Valley Crossing
Bannon 39º55'13"N 082º56'49"W SE Columbus
Bexley PO 39º58'10"N 082º56'15"W Bexley
Big Darby PO 39º48'35"N 083º10'15"W Pleasant Twp.
*Big Run Unknown Unknown Was located S of Briggsdale
in Jackson Twp.
*Big Walnut 39º58'34"N 082º52'31"W Was located SE Columbus
Blacklick 39º54'44"N 082º48'41"W Truro Twp.
Blacklick Estates 39º54'18N 082º51'52"W Truro Twp.
Blendon Corner 40º04'49"N 082º55'44"W NE Columbus
Blendon PO Unknown Unknown Blendon Twp.
Bliss PO Unknown Unknown Unknown
*Borrors Corners Unknown Unknown Jackson Twp.
Brice PO 39º55'05"N 082º49'55"W Village of Brice
Briggsdale 39º55'33"N 083º03'30"W SW Columbus
*Bright 39º51'55"N 082º55'20"W Was located at Groveport & Bixby roads.
Brownsons PO Unknown Unknown Unknown
Brownsons Station PO Unknown Unknown Unknown
*Burts Unknown Unknown Was located SE of Columbus
*Caldwell Unknown Unknown Was located east of Columbus
Camp Chase PO Unknown Unknown Franklin Twp.
Canal Winchester PO 39º50'37"N 082º48'21"W Canal Winchester
Central College 40º06'07"N 082º53'18"W Blendon Twp.
Central College PO 40º06'05"N 082º53'20"W Blendon Twp.
Clinton 40º02'26"N 082º57'39"W NE Columbus
Clintonville PO Unknown Unknown Unknown
*Clover Settlement Unknown Unknown Prairie Twp.
Cottage Mills (Shadeville) 39º49'56"N 083º00'12"W Hamilton Twp.
Cottage Mills PO Unknown Unknown Unknown
Darby PO Unknown Unknown Unknown
Darbydale 39º51'13"N 083º10'59"W Pleasant Twp.
Darkumm PO 39º59'05"N 082º55'40"W SE Columbus
Deans Valley PO Unknown Unknown Unknown
Deer Creek PO Unknown Unknown Unknown
*Deems 39º57'14"N 083º07'00"W Was located in SW Columbus about
I-270 & W. Broad
*Doneys 39º57'30"N 082º54'18"W Was located in SE Columbus about
Brentwood Rd. & Napoleon Dr.
East Columbus 39º59'06"N 082º55'40"W SE Columbus
East Columbus PO 39º59'05"N 082º55'40"W SE Columbus
East Linden 40º01'00"N 082º57'00"W NE Columbus
Eastcleft 40º01'00"N 083º05'00"W NW Columbus
Eastmoor 39º58'04"N 082º54'40"W SE Columbus
*Eastwood Unknown Unknown Unknown
Edgewater Park 39º59'29"N 082º52'58"W SE Columbus
Edward 39º53'00"N 082º55'51"W SE Columbus
Edward PO 39º53'00"N 082º55'5o"W SE Columbus
Elmwood PO 40º05'25"N 083º03'00"W NW Columbus
Evanston PO Unknown Unknown Clinton Twp.
Flint 40º07'38"N 083º00'21"W Sharon Twp.
Flint PO 40º07'35"N 083º00'20"W Sharon Twp.
*Flint Station Unknown Unknown Unknown
Franklinton PO Unknown Unknown Franklin Twp.
Gahanna PO 40º01'10"N 082º52'45"W Was in Mifflin Twp.
Galloway 39º54'47"N 083º09'45"W Prarie Twp.
Georgesville 30º53'27"N 083º13'19"W Pleasant Twp.
Georgesville PO 39º53'25"N 083º13'20"W Pleasant Twp.
*Grahamsville Unknown Unknown Jefferson Twp.
Grogan PO Unknown Unknown Unknown
Groveport PO 39º51'03"N 082º53'05"W Madison Twp.
Hamilton Meadows 39º51'10"N 082º58'42"W Hamilton Twp.
Hanford 39º57'05"N 082º56'53"W SE Columbus
Harrisburg PO 39º48'35"N 083º10'15"W Pleasant Twp.
Havens Corners 40º01'08"N 082º48'56"W Jefferson Twp.
Havens PO 40º01'10"N 082º48'55"W Jefferson Twp.
Hayden 40º03'32"N 083º11'49"W Brown Twp.
Hays Post Office Unknown Unknown Unknown
Headleys Corners 40º02'36"N 082º48'33"W AKA Ovid
*Hibernia Unknown Unknown Unknown
Hibernia PO Unknown Unknown Unknown
*Highway 40º01'56"N 083º03'04"W Was located at Tremont Rd. &
Kenny Rd. in Perry Twp. (Present
day site of Upper Arlington City Hall)
Hilliard(s) PO 40º02'00"N 083º09'30"W Norwich Twp.
*Hocking Junction Unknown Unknown Unknown
Hope PO 40º04'57"N 082º48'38"W New Albany
Huber Ridge 40º05'19"N 082º55'00"W NE Columbus
*Lafayetteville Unknown Unknown Plain Twp.
Lake Darby 39º57'26"N 083º13'44"W Prairie Twp.
Lamb Corners 40º06'25"N 083º11'33"W Washington Twp.
Laneview PO 40º00'25"N 083º02'05"W NW Columbus
Leonard PO Unknown Unknown Unknown
Lincoln Village 39º57'17"N 083º07'51"W Prairie Twp.
Linden 40º01'12"N 082º58'24"W NE Columbus
Linden Heights PO Unknown Unknown Unknown
Linworth 40º05'24"N 083º02'57"W NW Columbus
Linworth PO 40º05'25"N 083º03'00"W NW Columbus
*Lisle Unknown Unknown Was located in Prairie Twp.
Maple Heights PO Unknown Unknown Unknown
Marble Cliff 39º59'12"N 083º03'42"W Perry Twp.
*Marble Cliff Mills Unknown Unknown Unknown
Marble Cliff PO 39º59'10"N 083º03'40"W SW Columbus
*Marburn Unknown Unkown Was located in Clinton Twp.
*Martere's/Materes Mills Unknown Unknown Unknown
*McCoy's/McCoys Mills Unknown Unknown Unknown
Meade PO Unknown Unknown Unknown
*Middletown See Oregon See Oregon Madison Twp.
Mifflinville 40º02;07"N 082º57'11"W NE Columbus
Mifflinville PO 40º02;10"N 082º57'10"W NE Columbus
*Millers 39º49'30"N 083º08'40"W Was located at I-71 & Harrisburg Pike
in Pleasant Twp.
Milo 39º59'00"N 082º59'00"W SE Columbus
Milo PO 39º59'00"N 082º59'00"W SE Columbus
Monmouth PO Unknown Unknown Was probably located in Pleasant Twp.
Moores Corners 40º03'33"N 082º57'12"W NE Columbus
*Mosel Unknown Unknown Unknown
Mount Air 40º07'57"N 083º02'11"W Sharon Twp.
*Mount Pleasant Unknown Unknown Unknown
Mudsock 40º00'08N 083º10'56"W Norwich & Brown Twps.
Munks Corners 39º55'04"N 082º55'01"W SE Columbus
New Albany PO 40º04'57"N 082º48'38"W New Albany
*New Rome 39º57'06"N 083º08'32"W Prairie Twp.
North Broadway PO Unknown Unknown Clinton Twp.
North Columbus PO Unknown Unknown Clinton Twp.
Oakland 40º03'05"N 082º46'39"W On boarder of Plain & Jefferson Twps.
Obetz PO 39º52'45"N 082º57'00"W Hamilton Twp.
Olentangy 40º03'47"N 083º02'47"W NW Columbus
Olentangy PO 40º03'45"N 083º02'45"W NW Columbus
Oregon 39º51'03"N 082º53'05"W Madison Twp.
Ovid 40º02'36"N 082º48'33"W Jefferson Twp.
Ovid PO 40º02'35"N 082º48'35"W Jefferson Twp.
Parks Mills 40º02'08"N 082º55'54"W NE Columbus
Parks Mills PO 40º02'10"N 082º55'55"W NE Columbus
Philom PO Unknown Unknown Unknown
Pinhook 40º05'09"N 082º53'44"W NE Columbus
Pleasant Corners 39º50'38"N 083º07'37"W Pleasant Twp.
Pleasant Corners PO 39º50'40"N 083º07'35"W Pleasant Twp.
Pleasants PO 39º53'25"N 083º13'20"W Pleasant Twp.
*Portersburg Unknown Unknown Unknown
Rarigville PO 39º59'05"N 082º55'40"W SE Columbus
Reese 39º51'58"N 082º57'10"W Hamilton Twp.
Reeses PO 39º52'00"N 08º25'710"W Hamilton Twp.
*Renner Unknown Unknown Was located SE of Amlin
Ridpath 39º49'36"N 083º05'25"W Jackson Twp.
Ridpath PO 39º49'35"N 083º05'25"W Jackson Twp.
Rome 39º57'23"N 083º08'32"W Prairie Twp.
Roseland 39º59'00"N 082º55'00"W SE Columbus
San Margherita 3º59'40"N 083º05'12"W SW Columbus
Sandy Corners 400448N 0830930W Washington Twp.
*Scioto Unknown Unknown Was located NW of Columbus
in Norwich Twp.
Seagrave (AKA Ackerman) 40º00'24"N 083º02'03"W NW Columbus
Shadeville (AKA Cottage Mills) 39º49'56"N 083º00'12"W Hamilton Twp.
Shadeville PO 39º49'55"N 083º00'10"W Hamilton Twp.
Sharon 40º05'28"N 082º57'25"W Sharon Twp.
Sharon Heights Unknown Unknown Sharon Twp.
*Sharp 39º51'15"N 082º57'15"W Was located in Hamilton Twp. about
Reese Rd. & Bixby Rd.
*Shattucksburg Unknown Unknown Was located in eastern Perry Twp.
Shepard 39º59'00"N 082º56'30"W SE Columbus
*Slate Run Unknown Unknown Unknown
*Smiley's Corner Unknown Unknown Was located in Norwich Twp.
Steelton 39º55'15"N 082º59'05"W SE Columbus
*Sullivants 39º56'20"N 083º06'00"W Was in SW Columbus at Eakin Rd. & Maurine Dr.
(Site of present day Wedgewood Middle School)
Taylor Station 39º59'16"N 082º50'35"W Truro Twp.
Trilby PO Unknown Unknown Unknown
Truro 395602N 0825301W Truro Twp.
Urbancrest PO 39º53'50"N 083º05'13"W Jackson Twp.
Valley Crossing 39º53'20"N 082º56'57"W SE Columbus
Valley View 39º57'56"N 083º04'21"W SW Columbus
*Waldeck Unknown Unknown Was located in southern Clinton Twp.
Waldonplains PO Unknown Unknown Unknown
Werts Grove PO 39º51'03"N 082º53'05"W Madison Twp.
*Wheatland Unknown Unknown Unknown
*Whittington Unknown Unknown Unknown
*Wildwood Springs 4004'45"N 08255'00"W Was located about Strawberry
Farms Blvd. & Cannon Ridge
*Wonderland 4000'10"N 08252'15"W Was located about Thruway Dr.
& Janson Ave.
Wrightsville 39º51'39"N 083º14'52"W Pleasant Twp.
Zimmer(s) 39º54'24"N 082º53'54"W SE Columbus
*Zuber 39º49'30"N 083º01'57"W Hamilton Twp.

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