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Reber Hill Cemetery
Walnut Township, Pickaway County, Ohio
Gravestone Photographs

Reber Hill Cemetery is located on the east side of Winchester (Twp. 8) about a half mile south of Ashville-Fairfield Road (County 32) in Walnut Township.  A few bodies have been moved to Reber Hill from other cemeteries.  For an excellent map and more information go to http://www.bright.net/~ralcha/walt.htm (a page of the Pickaway County OHGenWeb Project).  For additional cemetery photographs and lots more Pickaway County information visit The Ohio History Network Pickaway County.

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Photographs on this page were contributed by:
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     Photos taken by: Mary Ellen Bartholomew
Linda Jean Limes Ellis, () (lje)
Joe Groom () (jg)

Mary Ann Klein () (mak)
Marion Miller () (mm)
Darlene Martin () (dm)
Michael Nicholson (mn)

Cemetery Section Map

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  • Dickerson, Mary P., LT US Army, World War II, Feb 19, 1919-Nov 5, 1994 (cdm)
  • Doherty, Mary Courtright, Sept 25, 1906-Oct 18, 1955 (mak)
  • Dumm, William, 1878-1957 and Lillie May, 1877-1953 (mak)
  • Duvall, Clara E., Aug 23, 1896-Nov 14, 1984 and H. Boyd, July 17, 1901-Mar 21, 1978 (mak)
  • Justus, Charles M., Dec 2, 1898-May 1, 1991 and Mary J., Apr 18, 1902- June 21, 1969 (mn)
  • Larue (mak)
  • Latham, Charles, con of W. & N. [May 29, 1852]
  • Lightfoot
  • Limes
    • Charles H., Feb 2, 1854-Aug 23, 1923, and Mary Josephine, wife of Charles, H., 1869-1936. [Section 9] (lje)
      • Charles was the son of Wesley and Martha (Miller) Limes.
      • Charles Limes' obituary mentions that he was first married to Delia Reid, however, she died only six months later.
      • On November 25, 1879, Charles married Jennette Gunnett.
      • On October 6, 1892, Charles married Mary Josephine "Josie" Wymer.
      • Mary Josephine's obituary appears on page 3 of the Pickaway County News, February 27, 1936. She married again after Charles died; she married Harry Black in 1924; he was deceased at the time of her death.
    • Edward O., Aug 23, 1889-May 18, 1917 [Section 9] (lje)
      • John Edmond was the son of Wesley Limes and his second wife, Jennette Gunnett
    • Martha Ann (Miller), Dec 25, 1830-Jan 11, 1891
    • and Wesley, Aug 4, 1831-Dec 5, 1916 (High resolution) [Section 12 Lot 13] (lje)
      • Wesley served in the Civil War in the 66th Regiment, Company "H" from Champaign County; he later moved to Picakway County and died at the Old Soldiers Home in Sandusky, Sandusky County, Ohio.
      • Martha A. Limes' stone has a slightly different date of birth than her Reber Hill written records which give her date of birth as December 25, 1829.
      • Also buried on this lot is Gilbert W. Limes who died February 25, 1949 (Obituary). He was a grandson of Wesley and Martha. Gilbert was the son of Shermen T. Limes.
    • Shermen T., 1864-1940 (Photograph)
      • For some reason, the tombstone has his named spelled with Shermen and I know it to be spelled with an "a" and not an "e." Quite obviously, he was named after the famous Civil War General William Tecumseh Sherman.
      • Sherman Limes is buried alone near his parents, Wesley and Martha Ann (Miller) Limes. in Section 12 at Reber Hill Cemetery in Pickaway County. My records show that he was born on September 25, 1864 in North Lewisburg, Champaign County, Ohio and he died on November 27, 1940 in Columbus, Ohio. His wife was Buelah Conant Limes. She was born January 21, 1882 in Columbus, Ohio. They had one son, Gilbert Limes. Buelah married again to George Beard.
      • His Obituary
  • Logsdon, Dale, 1925-2005 and Martha, 1927-____ (mak)
  • Valentine

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