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From Reverdy Johnson .


MY DEAR GovR On getting to Baltimore on Monday, I reed your private note of the 4th
In the present condition of Balt. & the state, the Govr thinks & I concur with him, that more than one compy of U. S. soldiers in the city, would be more mischievous, than otherwise.
Indeed he does not believe, nor do I, that it is necessary to the protection of the Govt property, or the assertion of any of its rights, to have any such force there, & I should advise agt it. If the troops pass thro' the city without resistance, as it is thought they will, it will [be] evident, that no such force would be required.
I am glad to tell you that the Union sentiment gets stronger and stronger. The Legislature will no doubt adjourn this week, without doing any thing to affect our condition. The safety bill, is dead past all hope. The effort of the conspirators to make our's the field of battle not their own, will signally fail.
I shall be in Wash'n next month.

Tho' marked private you can of course show this to the president. The envelope (the only one I can obtain) will show the Union feeling.


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