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From F. E. Spinner.

WASHINGTON CITY, January 22, 1861.

DEAR SIR: The present strength of the Republican party is not all due to the encroachments of the slave power.
Large numbers of true men, from all parties, joined our standard because of the corruptions of the National administration.
The permanency of our organization, and its power for good and to resist slavery aggression, will depend upon the confidence that the people shall place in the honesty of its management of the affairs of the nation - and especially in its administration of the finances.
Unless the incoming administration shall inaugurate a system of the most rigid economy and strictest honesty it will break down in its first year.
Intrigues are again in progress to place a particular man at the head of the Treasury Department - The country is alarmed at the mere suggestion.
Now it is believed that the President elect has offered you the place, and that you have declined it. If this is so, let me beg of you for God's sake, and the country's, reconsider this, and save the party and the great cause that brought it into being.
Very Respectfully and Sincerely yours

MY DEAR SIR: Genl. S. has just shewn me this letter. I beg to add my entreaty to his that you will not decline this offer.
Truly yoursC. B. SEDGWICK.


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