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From Joshua Leavitt .

Thank God!
Lincoln is chosen!

N. YORK, Nov. 7, 1860.

MY DEAR FRIENDóLet me congratulate you on the glorious result. What a growth since 1840. William Jackson, Alvan Stuart, Myron Holley, Sam. Lewis, Tom Morris, Birney & Bailey, were not spared to see the result. It is a joy to have lived to this day. Let the future meet its own exigencies.
Now for the next. You will be consulted by the President Elect, & will be his trusted adviser. If Seward prefers the Sec. of State to the Senate, his age entitles him to his choice, though I think he had best die in harness in the Senate. Best for us, and best for him. If he does that, you must take that place in "the line of safe precedents" you know - as witness Clay, Webster, Everett, Marcy, & Cass! But so duty calls.
That settled, I hope Mr. Lincoln in making up his government, will beware & not weaken his force in the two Houses, except for very special reasons. There are plenty of men outside of Congress, & much depends on our continuing to be as we are immeasurably ahead in the ability of our representation.
He should not make up his cabinet of old Whigs. They are amazingly hungry for office, & naturally assume that the right to rule inheres in them. But the Democratic strength is too formidable yet, to allow us to give them the advantage of saying it is only a Whig victory. The permanence of our power depends on what we can gain, & keep from the ranks of the old Benton Democracy.
I think B. Gratz Brown one of the first minds of the country - would fill the place of Secretary of the Interior.
It is desirable to have a good proportion of young men, in the Cabinet & in the government - 25 to 30 & upwards is a good age. It is said Greeley wants to be Postmaster General. He had better be Attorney General. He does not understand Postage, & has not the gift of government. His appointment to any place in the cabinet will ruin the administration.
You will excuse my troubling you with these brief suggestions. Let them pass for what they are worth. You may be assured I am content and ask nothing for self or others, only a wise administration, & of that I have no fears under Old Abe.
Yours as ever-


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