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From C. Robinson .

LAWRENCE, Jan. 14, 1858.

DEAR SIR: Accept my thanks for your message this moment received. I would return the compliment but our State is too poor to print my message except in the newspapers which you doubtless have received.
The votes were canvassed yesterday, by J. Calhoun in presence of Gov. Denver, the Prest of the Council & Speaker of the House, for the L[ecompton] constitution & State officers &c. - The vote now in for the Con. with slavery is 6063 & with no slavery 576. Of these, Kickapoo polled 1017, Oxford 1266, Shawnee 729, Marysville 232, & Ft. Scott 318, making 3562 out of 6639, by a population of not over 1000. The Pro-slavery State ticket is returned elected by about 300. For member of Congress Randt has 6623 & Corr P. S. 6568. In the State Senate we have as now returned 13 free State & 6 pro S. - in House 29 free State, & 14 pro S. Had all our people voted we would have carried everything. Mr. Calhoun will not close the matter now & more returns may come in to change the result. As it now appears we are safe. The Ter Legislature will create a commission to examine election frauds, also provide for another Con convention. The Topeka Legislature will enact a simple code for emergencies. If we are cheated by Calhoun, war must result inevitably if we are admitted under the L. Con.
The vote against the L. Con. on the 4th inst. is not yet counted, but must be ten thousand.
Very trulyC. ROBINSON.


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