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From H. B. Stanton.

BOSTON, Aug. 6, 1847.

DEAR SIR, I am much obliged by your letter of July 28th.
Several of our friends had an interview with Mr. Hale on the 24th ult. Messrs Lewis Tappan, Leavitt, Whittier, Lovejoy k others of this state, Dr. Cleveland of Pa., Mr. Willey, the editor of the Standard in Maine, & Messrs Hale, Tuck & Fagg, of New Hampshire, were present. We spent a day together. Mr. Hale made a full disclosure of his views & defined his position. He is with the Liberty party in principles, measures & feeling. He was in favor of delaying the Convention till spring. He intimated that if all his friends wished him to accept the nomination, & it were tendered to him, he would accept it.
A Committee, consisting of Messrs. Tappan, Leavitt, Whittier, Fagg, Cleveland, Willey & myself, was appointed to correspond with Mr. Hale & get from him an expression of his willingness that we should present his name to the Buffalo Convention. Such a letter has been prepared, & Mr. Whittier was to present it in person to Mr. Hale this week - he being absent in Vermont till then.
We all were favorable to his nomination for the presidency, & the feeling is very general with us that you should be placed on the ticket with him.
I think his answer to our letter will be in the affirmative; but am not certain. If it be, the same committee will enter upon a correspondence with our friends generally urging his nomination.
Mr. Noble, the publisher of the Era is sending a sort of circular thro the country urging the nomination of Mr. Smith by the Buffalo Convention! If Mr. S. is nominated at Buffalo, I think I shall not vote for him, - certainly I shall wait to see what the times turn up. I am inclined to the opinion that if any other person is nominated at Buffalo than Hale, I shall not give in my adhesion till I see what the events of next Spring bring forth. I shall not go with the Liberty party, with any other candidate, or a mere abstraction, provided either of the other parties, or any considerable portion of both or either, bring forward a Wilmot Proviso candidate.
I regret that the Convention was not postponed till next year, nor should I be much surprised if "the Macedonians" made a rush at Buffalo & by a mass vote nominated Smith, & so blew up the whole affair; in which case probably some sort of an Anti slavery convention will be called in the Spring. But time will disclose all.
Professional business will detain me from the convention.
Very truly yours,


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