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NEW ORLEANS, Feb. 5th 1864.

DEAR SIR: In my last letter I failed to mention the name of Mr. Flanders as a candidate for Governor, because he had informed the Bank Directors that he should not be a candidate, which statement was supposed to settle the matter. Unexpectedly and just before the meeting of the Union nominating convention, he was announced as a candidate. The convention was about equally divided between Hahn and Flanders, and ended in the nomination of Mr. Hahn - the friends of Mr. Flanders having bolted formed another convention which nominated Mr. F. We have therefore two Union candidates in the field. The only distinction I feel able to make is, that one is a Banks and the other an Anti-Banks party. In conformity with what I understood to be the wishes of the President and yourself, I have followed Gen. Banks' lead and support Hahn. To this however I was committed while it was not supposed Mr. Flanders intended to run.
In my opinion Mr. F. stands no chance, nor is he likely to be of benefit to you, since, being your friend, he is the leader of a faction. Col. Howe has arrived and I hope his influence may harmonize and arrange matters.
I enclose a very important order of Gen. Banks, regulating labor for the next year. I think it the best order issued by him. There has been a great change here in popular opinion in favor of Gen. Banks. This change has been marked during the last three weeks, and I think has more influence and stands higher here to-day, than at any time heretofore.
We shall continue to have a great number of assemblies and social parties, until the election is over. Please read the enclosed slip concerning a party given by Major Plumly which was a great success.


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