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NEW ORLEANS, Dec. 4th 1863.

DEAR SIR: I have received from Mr. Flanders, your appointment of myself as Sp. Agent and Acting Collector, and assumed the duties of the office on the first of this month.
You can understand, although I cannot adequately express, my appreciation of your kindness in restoring me to my former position. I value it chiefly because it enables me to be of more use to you, than would be possible in any other place.
Mr. Graham has been unanimously elected Cashier of the new Bank, and starts for Washington to-morrow morning. He is quite well in informed in regard to all matters here, and his personal statement will give you fuller information than anything I can write. Mr. Graham has worked zealously for the Bank and is already well known and much respected here.
Mr. Flanders was elected President on the understanding that he should resign the Supervising Sp. Agency in favor of Mr. Plumly. I assure you that his resignation should be accepted and Mr. Plumly receive the appointment. This is essential to the success of the Bank and your interests. I do not want to be Supervising Sp. Agent, for I can be of more use to you in my present position. Mr. Flanders cannot long retain his present position, for next month Gov. Shepley will order an election, and then Mr. Flanders is sure to go into political position. This he can do and still be the Bank President - though he could not be a Sup. Sp. Agent. Besides Mr. Flanders has not sufficient executive business ability to attend to the various and perplexing affairs of the Agency - but Plumly has. Mr. F. is truly and wholly your friend. On this point I asked him directly, and his answer was satisfactory - for he is entirely truthful and earnest. I hope you will not think best to hesitate concerning this change.
I thank you again for your repeated kindness and your confidence and remain,


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