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NEW ORLEANS, September 21st, 1863.

DEAR SIR: I have been drawing the salary of "Special Agt. and Acting Surveyor", for the following reasons: -
1st. Because I did not know what my salary was to be as collector of the Internal Revenue.
2nd. Because considerable money collected on sugar, was to be returned, and therefore the amount to be taken as percentage was uncertain.
3rd. Because I had to have some money every month to pay expenses. I trouble you with this statement lest you might think I intend to draw two salaries, which has never been and is not my intention. When I receive pay as Collector of Int. Revenue and present my account I shall credit the Government what has already been received as surveyor. If this be not satisfactory, I will do whatever you suggest.
I sold a boat which I considered mine, but Bullitt thought belonged to the Government. To save discussion, I shall cause it to be considered the property of the Gov't.
I told Mr. Hutchins I had in my hands a surplus not accounted for in my old accounts as Collector of Customs. This statement was a mistake. On the contrary I am a little short, on account of one or two small vouchers never signed, but it is unimportant. My accounts as Collector of Customs, were all transmitted to Washington long ago, and it is to be hoped they will be soon examined and approved. I have the charge of all money from whatever source collected, except from customs. The amount now in my hands from all sources, is not far from four hundred thousand dollars.
The new Regulations have not yet been received. As before stated to you, it is most important that Mr. Flanders' District should extend as high as possible up the River - for reasons given heretofore.


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