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NEW ORLEANS, July 24th, 1863.

DEAR SIR: Mr. Hutchins goes to-morrow on the "Morning Star". He has thoroughly informed himself concerning Custom House and all other matters here, and he can lay these matters before you so clearly that there is no necessity of my saying anything about them, as I had intended. I have a good deal to do now, - being entirely occupied in the Permit office and in assisting Mr. Flanders in organizing the great work in his hands. I want to give up the Collectorship of Internal Revenue, because I do not like the place - its duties are not suited to my taste, and I can be more useful elsewhere. Mr. Flanders will require my whole time and energy in the Permit Office. I want you to make Mr. Hutchins Collector of Int. Revenue, in my place, if you approve the suggestion. He will be of great use here, politically and otherwise, and the Treasury Department needs a greater number of able men here. Mr. Flanders, Mr. Plumly and myself think Mr. H. just the man for the position, and, while I am willing to be in any position where you think me most useful to yourself, I do hope you will take me out of the Int. Revenue Office, and let me manage the Permit Agency and Surveyor's Office, where I shall be much more useful than here. I enclose my resignation, subject to your approval, so that, if you should appoint Mr. Hutchins in conformity with this request, you will be entirely unincumbered by me. If, however, you should not adopt my suggestions, nor grant my request, you can tear up the resignation and that will end it.
Gen. Banks has taken hold of the enlistment of negroes with vigor and earnestness. Mr. Plumly is raising a Brigade, works hard and succeeds. The Rebels are cleared out of the Lafourche, and a considerable force from Grant's army is moving down the Bayou Teche from Red River.


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