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NEW ORLEANS, December 4th, 1862.

DEAR SIR: The mail is about to close and I write in haste, to inform you of the result of the election.
In the 1st. Con. District, Mr. Flanders is elected by an overwhelming majority. His only competitor was Mr. Bouligny. So far as returns are known Mr. Flanders received more than ten times as many votes as Mr. Bouligny. You already know as much of Mr. Flanders as I can tell you. He expects to start for Washington by the next steamer.
In the other (2nd.) Congressional District, the candidates were Durell, Hahn, Barker, and Greathouse, Dr. Cottman having withdrawn his name by request (order?) of Gen. Butler, and Mr. Hahn took his place.a
Mr. Hahn is elected by a good majority. He was an original and continuous Union man, and is understood to be unconditional in his loyalty. Durell was unfortunately the candidate of the Union Association - unfortunately, for he is not popular and many members voted for Hahn, against whom I know of no objections.
Enclosed is an account of Mr. Hahn, published this morning which is correct so far as it goes.
I do not understand why Dr. Cottmann was prevented from continuing to be a candidate by Gen. Butler. He would certainly have been elected and is a good and very popular man, who has suffered much, for the "Confederates" have destroyed his plantations. I understand he intends visiting Washington soon, when he will probably explain the matter.
The result of the election seems to me to be very satisfactory. A good vote was cast, considering the number of men Gen. Butler has enlisted, & the number who are absent with the rebel army.

aThe vote was:
First district:
B. F. Flanders                         2,370
All others                                   273

Second district:
M. F. Hahn                              2,799
Judge Durell                            1,458
Barker                                          453
Greathouse                                 357
Scattering                                     50

(House Reports, Thirty-seventh Congress, Third session, -No. 22.)
On the floor of the House, Representative Dawes, of Massachusetts, chairman of the Committee on Elections, represented that one candidate withdrew because he was suspected of disloyalty. (Congressional Globe, February 9, 1863.)
On Dr. Cottman cf. April W, 1863, also letters following; also November 5, 1863.
Messrs. Hahn and Flanders were admitted and took the oath of office, the former on February 17, and the latter on February 23, 1863. The Thirty-seventh Congress expired on March 3, 1863.
H. Doc. 461, pt 2 - 22


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