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To E. S. Hamlin.

CIN. Nov. 11, 1854.

MY DEAR SIR, It is too bad that the failure of the Banks should add to your other troubles; and too bad that, at a time when the principles we have advocated appear to be in the ascendant, there should be difficulty about sustaining the papers whose devotion to them is sure and permanent.
My own services and contributions to the extent of my abilities and means have never been denied and will never be, denied to the cause of Freedom or to the papers which sustain it; but I do not see how I can do anything more for the Columbian than I promised to when I saw you last. The claims on me, at this time, are many and unusually pressing; but I can let you have the $250 in December, as I said I would, and if necessary, can give a note at thirty days; but should prefer to avoid that if possible.
As to the Governorship you know my sentiments. I have declared them to you unaffectedly. An endorsement of my Senatorial course by the. of the State would gratify me, but as my actions in the Senate has the approval of my own conscience I can do very well without any other endorsement. If the people desire our friend Brinkerhoff or any other such worthy and well qualified man rather than myself I shall be the last to object to it.
Yours sincerely,


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