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To E S. Hamlin.


MY DEAR SIR: Your enquiry whether I am "aware that the 26th of October is past," must refer to something I have either forgotten or do not understand.
When we parted it was with the understanding that if you would go into the Columbian I would contribute to its support $1,000 during the year either directly from my own means, or with the aid of other friends of our cause. - I expected, of course, as has been the case hitherto to take upon myself nearly if not the whole sum thus pledged.
But I did not then know that the paper would be continued without temporary suspension. I remember saying I wished it could be, but I hardly expected it, as Mr. Rice said he should be and must be absent for some time. I rather anticipated a suspension for some four weeks.
When I returned to the State as far as Toledo I learned for the first time that you had actually gone into the paper. I then expected to be at Columbus before this time; but finding it unnecessary for me to go up when I got home, busied myself with the matter here.
I heard nothing from you when in Illinois, nor did I find any letter here from you, nor did I know where to address you, or I should have written.
Probably your reference to the 26th of October alludes to my expectation, inferred perhaps to you before I went away, of being at Columbus in attendance on the Circuit Court at that time.
I am ready to fulfil my pledge. It is very hard to raise money here and it can't be done except at extravagant rates. I can however pay $250 in December and $250 every three months after, if that will answer, or if it is undesirable I must raise the first installment before.
I wish I could see you, but I cannot come to Columbus at this time without serious inconvenience. I have lecture to prepare for Boston - a foolish engagement but which must be fulfilled - and it demands all my time.
Yours faithfully,


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