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 To E. S. Hamlin.

WASH. Ap. 25, 1854.

MY DEAR SIR: Your letter reached me yesterday. I wish you would write me oftener.
I feel no great anxiety as to the particular course which events may take in Ohio. If a genuine Democracy can be formed out of the Liberals of the old parties and the Ind. Democrats and nominate a ticket for Judge and Bureau of Public Works I should be glad. If the old Democrats who are resolved to make war on the Baltimore Platform and support in the future no National Candidates committed to its anti-democratic doctrines, can hold a good convention and make good nominations I shall have no objection to support their candidate. If neither of these things can be done, I am for co-operation with the Whigs and giving them-the members Bureau of Public Works, and taking the Judge. The Whigs are now where the old Dems. were four years ago, opposed to a Pro-slavery National Administration therefore disposed to be antislavery. As we co-operated with the old Dems, then we ought to co-operate with the Whigs now.
I don't fear their getting the Members Bureau of Public Works this year. Next year we must have the member, and the three parties will then be represented in the Board, which is probably best for the State.
Yours truly,


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