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 To E. S. Hamlin.

WASHINGTON, Feb. 10, 1854.

DEAR HAMLIN: Pardon me for my expression of regret. I am glad to learn that you have taken no part in the contest going on at Columbus among the aspirants for my place.
As we have no power to do anything which will give our side. advantages, we had best do absolutely nothing. If the election could be postponed we could do much - but I have never expected that - never even imagined it possible until the result of the late attempts to nominate - and do not now believe it at all probable, though [illegible] of Cleveland told me some days since that it would be done.
I did better than I anticipated in my reply to Douglas. I knew I could break down his position; but I did not expect to come so near satisfying myself and much less did I foresee the profund attention or the immense audience with and by which I was listened to. I have compliments from all sides in abundance, and am gratified in believing that 1 have worthily upheld the honor of our noble State.
I would cheerfully add $2,000 to your $2,000 for a paper in Cincinnati, or would be one of six to pledge $5,000 each to be drawn up if necessary.
But if I was about to establish such a paper I would begin with a Weekly - make it first Class - get, say, 113,000 subscribers and then make a daily of that. $1,000 would suffice to pay the agencies necessary to get $3,000 subs. and to start the paper, and
You ought to be in Cincinnati; and you ought to be in the Press.
Yours truly,


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