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To E. S. Hamlin.

WASHINGTON, Jany 23, 1854.

MY DEAR SIR: Wrote you a day or two since. Today the Nebraska Bill was called up, but was postponed till Monday. It is designed to press it through the Senate for fear of the awakening of popular indignation. I send you the Bill as now proposed to be amended. I send you, also, the original Report [of the] Bill from which you will see how material the attraction is. I also enclose with this an appeal in the Era. The signs all indicate Storms ahead.
I am fully advised that the amend'ts as they now stand were [made after] consultation with Pierce and that the Administration with a good deal of trepidation has resolved to risk its fortunes upon the bill as it now stands. Many of its warm friends say they are sure to go down upon it. There is certainly great alarm & misgiving. Cass told me today that he was not consulted, & was decidedly against the renewal of the agitation: but lie will vote with the proslavery side. A personal & near friend of the Presidents called on me tonight & told me that Cass was excluded from consultations. They meant to drag him along. Even New Hampshire wavers about supporting the Bill. Maine is in a rebellion, all Rhode Island except perhaps Jones is against it. Every northern Whig Senator without exception is against it: Houston & Benton are against it
I hope the Columbian will [get the] slips of the Appeal and circulate it through the Legislature. You [don't] need to be told who wrote it. Please see to having the slips struck off & circulated.
I suppose the Senatorial [question] decided in this time. Feeling no interest in it, since no man can be elected who is not proslavery I only desire to call the attention of the people to a much greater matter. I am sorry to hear that you have electioneered for Manypenny. I like him personally, but I would cut off my right hand sooner than aid him or any other man to reach a position in which he will make Ohio the vassal of the Slave Power.
I shall soon return among the people and I mean to see whether shams will rule forever. I know that the advocates must bite the dust and they shall


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