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To Charles Sumner.

RAVENNA, Sep. 3, 1853.

DEAR SUMNER; I mourn with you over the opinion of Judge McLean; but I expected nothing otherwise. His whole course of judicial action in reference to cases under the act of '.93 had prepared me for it. With a kind heart & honest purposes he has suffered his reverence for imagined rights under the constitution to lead him into conclusions from which you & I must ever shrink. Well, we must look to the future!
Prospects in Ohio are as good as could be expected. Nothing can be definitely said respecting the result; but we are all cherishing good hopes.
I have spoken in about twenty counties, and our candidate for Governor, Mr. Lewis, in nearly fifty. The people turn out well and we hope to cast such a vote as will - if not elect our candidate, - at least put an end to triangular contest.
We think much can be done by three great meetings - say one at Cleveland or vicinity - one at M't. Vernon in Knox County & one at Cincinnati or vicinity. Can you not give US - or me - your powerful aid, say for the last week in this month. The journey & speeches need occupy no more than ten days.
Yours cordially

Answer immediately - Cincinnati


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