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To Charles Sumner.

ST. Louis, June 13, 1853.

DEAR SUMNER: I enclose you a part of the St. Louis Democrat, in which you will find a part of the correspondence which will interest you at least as showing that in this Slave State, at least, there is no such prejudice as prevents a recognition, and at a rate vastly beyond their value of services rendered by an Antislavery man. I find in it a most unexpected but most gratifying result of my action last winter, which I prize the more for its ultimate bearing on our great Cause. You would be surprised to find what liberality of sentiment prevails here and especially among the democrats. Most of those I have met avow themselves antislavery men, - some of them most decidedly so.
I am here on private matters; trying to serve two widowed ladies, one of them my niece the other my sister-in-law. I expect to leave for Chicago tomorrow.
Perhaps our cause will be benefited by the republication of this correspondence in the Boston papers. The Commonwealth and Traveller will cheerfully reprint; will not others?
Give my best regards to Wilson and other friends.
Yours truly and faithfully,


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