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To Charles Sumner.

CINCINNATI, Sept. 9,1852.

MY DEAR SUMNER, I have read as well as heard your truly great speech. Hundreds of thousands will read it, and everywhere it will carry conviction to all willing to be convinced and will infuse a feeling of incertitude and a fearful looking for of judgment into the minds of those who resist the light and toil in the harness of party platforms irreconcilable with justice. Massachusetts deserves to lead the van of regenerated Democracy, for she has given to the cause its most faithful and eloquent champion. God bless the old Bay State: Amen.
I found Judge McLean reading your speech. He spoke of it with praise; but thought he had detected you in an error of fact in the paragraph where you speak of the Fugitive Slave clause of 1793 being introduced without much deliberation or [on?] previous occasion. He thought the correspondence between the Governors of Virginia & Pennsylvania & General Washington was in reference to a fugitive from labor; and seemed somewhat reluctant to admit my correction that it related to a fugitive from justice.
At my sister in law's I found her brother who is about to settle in Texas reading the speech to her aloud. I hope he will carry its truths with him.
Our friends in Ohio are in good spirits; and the vote for Hale & Julian will be respectable - not so great as it would have been had there been no conspiracy against me, but still as large, I hope, as that of 1848. Most of the democratic free Boilers have been too far alienated by that conspiracy to be immediately brought back. I shall do what I can.
Our State fair will be held at Cleveland on the 15th. I mean to be there, so will have an opportunity to see how the land lies; and will advise you as to prospects.
You ought to carry Massachusetts for the Independent Democracy. You can do it if you have faith enough and works answerable. I am glad to see that you are going to work in earnest. You must do it. When Douglas, Houston, Cass & other champions of the Compromise Democracy are traversing the Union for their candidates we cannot honorably fail in our devotion to a nobler cause and better men.
Faithfully yours,


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