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To E. S. Hamlin.

WASHINGTON CITY, Mar. 10, 1852.

MY DEAR SIR, I am very sorry that anything occurred to prevent your purchase of the three shares of the Nonpareil. I feel confident that such an opportunity does not often occur: and yet I cannot say that I should have submitted to the advanced price. I regret that Mr. Abbot thinks of retiring from the paper. I should regard with you his services as very valuable.
There is a Mr. Spofford in Cincinnati of the firm of Truman & Spofford, booksellers, a gentleman of talent, principle, and business qualities, who might perhaps feel inclined to embark in the Nonpareil either alone or in association with you. If you still think of the enterprize perhaps it would be well to consult him. I do not know him personally, but have formed a high opinion of him from the reports of others.
Of course, I feel still bound by my promise to contribute $400 to your expenses for the first year, if necessary.
I think the times very auspicious to the establishment of a democratic paper, which will advocate the doctrines of the Ohio Democratic Platform, and at the same time be a readable sheet in other respects.
The indications are that Cass or Buchanan will be the Baltimore nominee & that the Compromises will be endorsed at Baltimore. In that event, there must be, I apprehend, a rupture in the democratic ranks on the question of the Presidency at least. It should not in Ohio extend beyond the Presidency, if possible to avoid it. A paper which should maintain a firm opposition to a man standing on a Platform opposite to that of the Ohio Democracy, but laboring to preserve harmony in the democratic ranks in relation to state elections, could not fail to exert, if conducted with ability, great influence.
I long to see you again in the Editorial field for which you are, so eminently qualified.
We look anxiously towards New Hampshire. Rantoul made a great speech an our side yesterday. I will send you a copy soon. He echoed on Slavery my Toledo speech.


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