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To Charles Sumner.

CINCINNATI, June 11, 1851.

MY DEAR SUMNER, I had just written & mailed to you a note this morning, when I received your welcome though brief letter of the 5th.
I can easily believe that you have no personal joy in the result of the senatorial controversy in Massachusetts. You will have less when you have had more experience of the station. I was gratified by my election. It proved to some solicitous friends that I had not thrown myself away, and it disappointed the malice of some whose hostility I had not otherwise deserved, than by a steady adherence to my own convictions of right and duty. Above all I rejoiced on account of our great cause, for I flattered myself that in my new position I should be able to accomplish more for it than hitherto. In this last respect I have been disappointed. I have not seen the progress I hoped. The elements of the great combination between the "Lords of the Loom & the Lords of the Lash" are mightier than I imagined. For a year past I have often thought of resigning, and I can echo, heartily, your words "Could I, with propriety, make a vacancy I would do it."
The seat which you have selected is that which was occupied by Greene of Rhode Island, I believe. It is a very good seat; but I wish you & Hale both were on the other side of the Chamber.
In relation to rooms I agree with you as to the most eligible plan. Mine, last winter, was a modification of it. I had two rooms and my own servant, but went out to all my meals. If the same building is to be had next winter, I think a few could unite and by having a cook occupy the basement carry out your entire idea.
As to the Presidency my idea is Scott for the Whigs - a Compromise Democrat for the Old Line - and a real democrat for the Free Democracy, & a Southern Rights man for the extremists. Concession enough by the Democrats may take the last named out of the field, but would strengthen Scott, by making it impossible for Compromise Whigs to support the Compromise Democrat. The Compromise Whigs are not strong enough to nominate a declared Compromise Whig.
Yours cordially,

I have yet a little thought of going with Mrs. C. to Europe this Summer. If I do which is the best route & plan.


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