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To Charles Sumner.

WASHINGTON, Sept. 8, 1850.

MY DEAR SUMNER: Clouds and darkness are upon us at present. The slaveholders have succeeded beyond their wildest hopes twelve months ago. True some have demanded even more than they have obtained; but their extreme demand was necessary to secure the immense concession which has been made to them. Without it Executive Influence and Bribery would, perhaps availed nothing.
Well what now! I say with blind Milton, glorious child of Freedom, though blind,

"' Bate no jot
Of heart or hope but still bear up and steer
Right onward."

Rouse up in Massachusetts and quit you like men. God's providence has devolved political duties and responsibilities upon you, my friend, from which you must not shrink. Would that it might be so ordered that you could be placed in the Senate! It is your place and you ought to be in it. If the democrats would place you there, they might have the Governor and welcome - doubly welcome. You talk of the humiliation of a small vote. The humiliation was not for you, but for those who preferred barbarism to Freedom. I had like experience once, being a candidate, under like circumstances in Cincinnati; with the difference that I was as far behind both candidates of the Hunkers as you were behind the foe - and farther - but I did not feel humbled at all.
I see Mr. Sewall is nominated in the Salem District. I am sorry that Pierpont declined. I hardly know a man whom I would go farther to support, and I should think him just the man to call out the enthusiasm of the people. I hope Sewall will be sustained by the strongest possible vote. " No more doubtful men ", should be added to our war-cry of " No more Slave States and no Slave Territory ".
Let me know how things go on in Massachusetts.
Yours ever,


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