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Civil War Monument
Milford Center, Union County, Ohio

Civil War Monument, Milford Cenetery, Union County, Ohio

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Those Who Died

Those Who Served
1861 - 1865
Jos. Alden
William Ballentine
John F. Bennett
Mahlon Bidwell
Henry Blake
John T. Blake
Moses H. Blake
Samuel Blake
John Bland
Peter Bland
Aaron Boylan
Daniel Burnham
Henry Burnham
Lucas Burnham
Ralph Burnham
Enoch Burrows
Isaac Childs
Simion Childs
Samuel B. Coffenberger
Thomas J. Conner
Joshua Coolidge
Joseph A. Culbertson
George W. Davis
Joseph Davis
William Davis
Alexander Davis
Al Davis
James Dean
James Debolt
William Diehl
Al Downer
Felix Elliot
John Ewing
John G. Erwin
Joel Fairbanks
Lewis Fairfield
Joseph Finley
Robert Dinley
James W. Fields
Jacob Fisher
Jacob Fritz
Michael Fritz
Charles Fullington
Frank Gardner
French Garwood
James S. Gay
Samuel Gibson
Stewart Gibson
William Gibson
J. H. Gillespie
Alfred H. Goodwin
A. A. Grimm
William Grubbs
Jasper Hale
Joseph Hammond
S. R. Harbert
William Harbert

1861 - 1865
Benjamin Hathaway
Elias Hathaway
Hiram Hawley
Veloris Hawley
Benjamin Hawn
Benjamin Haynes
Samuel B. Holycross
Thomas J. Holycross
Marion Hopkins
William Howard
Nathan Howard
Cyprian L. Irwin
John Russell Irwin
William Irwin
Edward Jewell
John Johnson
Harvey B. Kennedy
George Kent
Cicero Kent
Milo Kimball
Silas Kimball
Eli King
James League
Robert F. Lee
Christian Helman
George Lemay
Benjamin Locke
Archie Logan
George Lyons
Stanton Marsel
William H. McAdams
Samuel S. McCliman
David McCloud
James McCloud
Francis C. McCloud
William E. McClurg
Jno McClune
James McIlroy
Llewellyn McIntosh
John McKeever
Charles McMullen
Jobe Meeks
James A. Miller
George Mitchell
William B. Mitchell
John A Moodie
James M. Moody
Anthony Moran
Albert Morse
Artimas L. Nash
James H. Neal
Joseph S. Nelson
Benjamin Norris
David C. Noyes
Mike O'Brian
Hiram Orahood
Darius Overacker
James K. Peters
Charles Phillips

1861 - 1865
Edward Phillips
William C. Piper
Alvin Porter
William Q. Porter
James Rader
Cyrus H. Reed
George Reed
George B. Reed
John B. Reed
Robert Reed
Samuel Reed
R. M. Reed
William Rigdon
Alfred J. Rigdon
George H. Ritter
John Robbins
W. Roots
Deville Rose
Nathan Ryan
James Ryan
Albert Safford
Jacob Schunk
Stephen Shaffer
B. E. Shanks
John Shirk
Benjamin Shirk
Ira Smith
Silas Snodgrass
William Snodgrass
Andrew Sprague
Eilliam Stillings
George Stillings
Lewis Stillings
George Sinclair
D. W. Thompson
William H. Thompson
Al Trunnell
Frank Trunnell
Leander Tway
William Tway
Cornelius Walke
Abel Waters
E. E. Webb
Jerimiah Webster
Lester Webster
Royal Webster
J. Weiser
Martin White
William Williams
William H. Wilson
George W. Wilson
Calvin Winget
William M. Winget
Alfred Witter
Joseph Wood
Michael Wood
I. C. Woodworth
David Wycuff


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