Vintage Montgomery County, Ohio

All postcards on this page are part of my personal collection.  Enjoy them.  Whenever possible I've included the date the card was mailed or made.  Unused cards may have a time period included [ca. = about] which indicates the period when that type of postcard was in use.  The collection is small right now, but it will grow.
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(County Seat)
The 1,000,000th National Cash Register leaving the factory, Dayton, Ohio (1912)
Some of the Employes of the National Cash Register Company, Dayton, Ohio, Gathered on the n. C. R. Athletic Field (ca. 1908-1915) Boulevard, Dayon, Ohio (ca. 1901-1907) Conservatory National Military Home near Dayton, Ohio (1907) Soldier's Home, Dayton, Ohio (ca. 1936) Wading Pool, Bomberger Park, Dayton, Ohio. (1912)
Memorial Hall, Dayton, Ohio (1942) Public Library and McKinley Monument, Dayton, Ohio. Main St. Bridge and Steel High School, Dayton, Ohio. (1910) Calvary Cemetery, Dayton, Ohio (1913) (On back) Newcom Tavern, First House Erected in Dayton, Ohio The Fulton Market, Dayton, Ohio. 'Beautiful and Sanitary.'
  Dayton Skyline from Miami River (1941) (Enlarged)
Looking E From Fourth, Dayton, O. Flood [1913]
Rear View St. Mary's Institute, Dayton, Ohio  
  Cappel Buildig, Dayton, Ohio. (1916) U. S. Building, Dayton, Ohio (ca. 1936) Aerial View of Main Street, Dayton, Ohio (ca. 1936)  

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