Vintage Lorain County, Ohio

All postcards on this page are part of my personal collection.  Enjoy them.  Whenever possible I've included the date the card was mailed or made.  Unused cards may have a time period included [ca. = about] which indicates the period when that type of postcard was in use.  The collection is small right now, but it will grow.
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(County Seat)
  Flattest arch bridge in the World, E. Bridge St., Elyria, O. (ca. 1908-1915 Fountain in Ely Parke, Elyria, Ohio  (1947) E-8--Bird's-Eye View of Broad Street Looking West, Elyria, Ohio (ca. 1930-1952) Broad Street, Elyria, Ohio--5 Broad Street Looking West at Night, Elyria, Ohio (1943)

Broadway looking north - Lorain, O. (1906) National Tube Co., Ore Docks, Lorain, Ohio (1908) Entrance and Main Office Bldg. of National Tube Co., Lorain, Ohio--1 (1930-1952) The Outer Harbor, Lorain, Ohio (ca. 1908-1915) L-27--Bathing Beach and Bath House, Lakeview Park, Lorain, Ohio (1955)  

Warner Gynmasium, Oberlin, O. (1909) Finney Memorial Chapel, Oberlin, O. (1909) Warner Hall, Oberlin, Ohio (1908) Warner Hall, Oberlin, Ohio (1915-1930) Talcott Hall, Oberlin, Ohio (1927) Allen Art Memorial, Oberlin College, Oberlin, Ohio (1908+)
Keep Cottage, Oberlin, Ohio (1913) Tappan Walk, Oberlin, Ohio (1947)

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