Vintage Cuyahoga County, Ohio

All postcards on this page are part of my personal collection.  Enjoy them.  Whenever possible I've included the date the card was mailed or made.  Unused cards may have a time period included [ca. = about] which indicates the period when that type of postcard was in use.  The collection is small right now, but it will grow.
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(County Seat)
  Cuyahoga County Courty House, As Seen From the Lake.  Cleveland, Ohio. Kossuth Monument, Cleveland, Ohio (Postmarked 14 Nov 1915) New Court House as  see from the Lake, Cleveland (1911)  
Hollenden Hotel, Cleveland, Ohio. (1912) Superior and Euclid Arcade, Cleveland, O. (1912) Brookside Park, Cleveland, Ohio (1906) Scne at Brookside Park, Cleveland, Ohio. (1909) Boulevard Cedar Heights, Cleveland, O. (1908)
The Brooklyn-Brighton Viaduct. 2,365 feet wide.  Cost exclusive of land, $631,000.00. Bridge in Brookside Park, Cleveland, Ohio. (1928) Doan Brook and Lake Shore Bridge, Gordon Park, Cleveland, Ohio, (1910) High Level Bridge, Looking East, Cleveland, Ohio. Rocky River Bridge, Rocky River, Cleveland, Ohio.
Entrance to Forest Hill, Cleveland, Ohio. Cory Methodist Church, 1117 East 105th Street, Cleveland, Ohio.      

(now part of Cleveland)
Collinwood Shool Fire 1908

Island.  Cleveland Yacht Club.  Lakewood, Ohio, Cleveland's Fashionable Suburb.

St. Joseph's Seminary and Grounds for Young Boys, Nottingham, Ohio, March 1898

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