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Fitzgerald Cemetery
(AKA Opossum Run Cemetery)
Rural, Fairfield Township,
Madison County, Ohio

Fitzgerald Cemetery (AKA Opossum Run Cemetery), Fairfied Township, Madison County, OH

Gravestone Photographs

Fitzgerald Cemetery is in a pasture about twelve miles east and south of London on the south side of Big Plain-Circleville Road. When coming from Darbydale in Franklin County you can reach the cemetery by taking Opossum Run Road southwest out of Darbydale until the road ends (about four miles); turn right (north) onto Big Plain-Circleville Road. The cemetery is easy to see from the road on the left.

A few years ago the cemetery was located in a horse pasture and, though fenced, had suffered considerable damage from horses. The owner of the pasture had obviously attempted to keep the horses out of the graveyard, but, just as obviously, the horses had more than once found their way into the forbidden area. Outside the wrought iron fence surrounding the Fitzgerald family plot, the ground was mostly bare gray-brown earth with the prints of horse hooves pressed deeply into the mud of a recent thaw. Most of the gravestones had been pushed from their foundations and scrapped or chipped by shod horse hooves. When returned on July 29, 2006, we were pleasantly surprised to see that the area was now green and had been recently mowed. The remaining gravestones located outside the Fitzgerald plot were still mostly broken and off their foundations, but some attempt had been made to make them easier to view.

We had to "unearth" some of the stones before we photographed them. That, and the heat of the day (93 degrees) made it impossible for us to finish photographing all of the stones. We plan to return on one of the cooler days of autumn or early winter. In the meantime, I will be happy to add photos contributed by visitors to this site.  Please contact Leona at to find out how to contribute your photos. Unfortunately, we were unable to turn most of the toppled gravestones as they were too heavy. There are probably additional names and dates on some that were left unturned.

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NOTE: Some underlined items indicate the Webmaster's "best guess;" and items or comments in brackets [ ] indicate information not included on the stone.

  • Alkire, Elizabeth, wife of R, died June 19, 1857, aged 36 yrs 8 mo 28 ds
  • Case, In memory of Dr. Lawrence B., son of Job W. & Julia, who died of consumption, August 4, 1841, aged 25 years.
  • Dickerson, Mary C., wife of W W, died July 8, 1880, aged 23 yrs & 18d
  • Edwards, Job H., May 16, 1811-Nov 26, 1896 (Whole stone) [Contact Dottie Klein, ]
  • Elliott, Henry H., Jan 8, 1864-Aug 21, 1876 (Broken & scattered)
  • Hall
    • George, died Sep 23, 1859, aged 51 yrs 8 mos 4 ds and Rachel, wife of Geo, died Feb 26, 1878, aged [?]7 yrs 12 ds
    • Broken, died Oc 6, 1850, aged 1 yr 7 mo 9 d
  • Hume
    • Ann, born in Green Brier Co. Va. [now WV], Mar 29, 1794, died Jan 14, 1884, aged 89 ys 9 ms 16 ds (Whole stone)
    • Laura, dau of T & M O, died ??? 20, 1866, aged 11 yrs 8 Mo & 18 d (Whole stone)
    • Illegible, son of George & Ann [broken]
    • William, died Nov 14, 1853, aged 77 ys 11 ms 22 ds
  • Kyle
    • Abraham, CO C, 85TH OHIO INF
    • Jno., CO D, 133RD OHIO INF
  • Miller (See also Newhouse)
    • America, dau of J G & H J, died Aug 20, 1866, aged 2 mo 10 ds
    • Father - Mother; James G., died June 5, 1900, aged 76 ys 7 ms 15 ds and Hannah J., wife of James G, died Aug 23 [or 28], 1888, aged 65 ys 6 ms 25 ds
  • Raines, Aaron, PVT CO E, 5 USC INF, [born] 1843
  • Strain
    • Elizabeth A., dau of J C & D S, died [broken]
    • Elta & John W., died Aug 4, 1873 and Minnie, died Sept 10, 1872; children of T. T. & H
    • Sabina, dau of J ? & D S, died Apr 18, 1874, aged 21 ys 2 ms 9ds
  • Willoughby, Levin, died Oct 3, 1864, aged 53 yrs & 7 mo
  • Wilson, William A., died March 12, 1876, aged 69 years

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