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Arbuckle Family Cemetery
Somerford Township,
Madison County, Ohio

Arbuckle Family Graveyard, Somerford Township, Madison County, OH

Gravestone Photographs

The Arbuckle Family Cemetery is located north of the intersection of Arbuckle Road and Gwynne Road in one corner of what is now a horse pasture on land that has been in the Arbuckle family since 1790.  This small cemetery covers about one acre of land on the south bank of Deer Creek.  Several stones have been toppled and a few are so old that the inscriptions have been destroyed by time and weather (One very old gravestone seemed to have been toppled by a gopher and it acted as a roof for the creature's burrow.).  However the cemetery is kept mowed and has a sturdy fence around it to keep out the horses.  Slightly less than half the fenced area contains gravestones.  There are undoubtedly many unmarked graves in this small family cemetery.

When we stopped at Arbuckle Farm to ask permission to photograph the cemetery, the present owner told us about his ancestor, Mathew Arbuckle who served in the Revolutionary War.  Mathew, a native of Virginia, recieved a patent for 4,000 acres in the Virginia Military District as partial payment for his military service.  The story is that during a trip from Virginia to his new property in Ohio a storm came up and he took shelter under a tree.  It's not known for sure whether Mathew was hit by lightening, or if the tree that was sheltering him was hit causing a large branch to fall on him.  After his death Mathew Arbuckle's widow and children, accompanied by Mathew's brother and his family made their way to Ohio and settled on the land.

This is a complete photographic inventory--no stone was left unturned.  In some cases the inscription was missing or difficult to read.  Those items are enclosed in brackets [ ] and are the webmaster's "best guess."


(Click on the underlined name to download the tombstone photograph)

  • Candler, Jesse J., June 16, 1805-Jan 13, 1871; Agnes, Sept 22, 1809-June 10, 1890; and on same stone, Nancy A. West, Nov 16, 1832-Mar 12, 1874; and Rausline Miller, Jan 15, 1829-July 28, 1884
    • Jesse's original stone, Jesse, died Jan 13, 1871, aged 67 y 6 m & 27 d
  • Houston
    • Annie C., daughter of J M & E M, died Oct 30, 1867, aged 25y 10m 15d
    • Joseph C., son of J M & E M, died April 14, 1853, aged 14y & 6 m; and on same stone, John M., son of J M & E M, died April 6, 1853, aged 4y 9m 2d and Infant son of J M & E M [rest illegible]
  • Kennedy
    • Elizabeth, wife of Sam'l, died May 28, 1849, aged 82 ys 2 mos 11 ds
    • William H., son of A J & R J, died Aug 8, 1856 (?), aged 6 mo 7 ds
  • Taylor
    • Little Eddie, daughter of Clinton & Nancy, died Jan 14, 1858, aged [?] ys 2 mos & 2 ds (Whole stone)
    • Thomas, died Feb 10, 1860, aged 78y 5m & 20d Isabell, wife of Thomas, died Dec 28, 1863, aged 74y 2m & 4d (Whole stone)
    • Thomas J., died Feb 23, 1852, aged 26y 9m 10d
  • Will, Tabitha, dau of ? & R, died April 19, 1849, aged 5 yrs & ? mo 14 ds
  • West, Nancy A. (See Candler)
  • Unknown
    • Child's stone, looks like George -- rest illegible
    • Weathered and illegible
    • Illegible, died Oct 2, 1843, aged 14 yrs 7 mo & 9 days
    • Illegible, died Oct 28, 1845 (could be 1847 or 1817), aged 26 years

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