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Samuel Socrates (also seen as Socrates Samuel) Senter, born June 15, 1818 and died March 30, 1863; he is buried in Groveport Cemetery, Hamilton Township. Samuel married Susannah Margaretta, daughter of Isaac and Salome (Beery) Schleich. She was born January 11, 1820 and died May 24, 1886 and is also buried at Groveport Cemetery; they had nine children:
  1. Oleva Salome, born 6 Aug 1839, died 21 Oct 1927. She married George W. Mansfield born 1843, died 11 Oct 1914. They had 6 children. The couple is buried in Groveport Cemetery.
  2. Quitis Curtius.
  3. Fernando Mendoza, born 10 Sep 1842, died 5 Feb 1933 in Columbus; he was once Columbus Postmaster. Fernando married Missouri Campbell, daughter of Charles and Emily (Luce) Campbell. She was born 13 Nov 1855 in Groveport and died 8 Jul 1940 in Columbus. They had five children. Both are buried at Green Lawn Cemetery, Columbus.
  4. Archimedes Melvo, born 22 Oct 1844, died 13 Sep 1910; married Elizabeth Becker who was born 20 Jun 1846, died 10 Nov 1931; they are buried at Obetz Cemetery. They had no children.
  5. Orestes De Abalino, born 24 Apr 1847 and died 27 Apr 1863, buried at Groveport Cemetery
  6. Rossolvo Le Grande Dolphin, born 24 Apr 1849, died 26 Apr 1935; married Mary E. Kooken. She was born 13 Mar 1850 and died 2 Apr 1920; both are buried at Obetz Cemetery. They had five children.
  7. Cicero Schleich, born, 10 Nov 1850, died 5 Sep 1851; burial location unknown
  8. Infant Son, born and died, 1853; burial location unknown.
  9. Margaret "Maggie" Belleava, born 31 Mar 1857, died 1879 and is buried Groveport Cemetery. She married Thomas Henry Carder, born 4 Auf 1850, died 31 May 1904; he is buried Green Lawn Cemetery. They had two children.
  10. Deaza Bellentyne, born 27 Apr 1860 in Fairfield County, Ohio, died 1 Dec 1947, Groveport. She married Charles D. Rarey; they were the grandparents of Bill Rarey.

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