Early Franklin County Homesteads

Originally published in the Franklin County Historical Society Bulletin about 1950
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Residence of Joseph B. Powell, Truro Township, A Century Past

An unusual feature about this homestead is that two rooms. the parlor and spare bedroom above, are finished in apple wood. This was Mr. Powell's own idea.

The pioneer, George Powell and family, settled in Truro township together with his brother, Archibald and family, in the year I815. They erected a cabin and the two families occupied it for about a year, when Archibald built a cabin on the site of the present homestead. Joseph B. Powell was a son of Archibald Powell.

The homestead, a two-story brick mansion of ten rooms. was erected largely by untrained artisans under the direct supervision of Mr. Powell. The house, in spite of rough treatment, is still in a good state of preservation, a tribute to the rugged construction of those days. Mr. Powell gave the name of "Eden Lawn" to his farm and homestead.

Joseph B. Powell, son of Archibald and Elizabeth Powell, was born March 27, 1822. and passed his life on the home farm, with the exception of two years and three months spent in the gold mines of California, during the years 1850, 1851, 1852. He returned home with a quantity of gold from the mines, but found a more profitable and pleasant business on his farm which he proceeded to improve until it became a showplace of the county. The structure is one of the best specimens of Nineteenth Century architecture in the county.



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