Early Franklin County Homesteads

Originally published in the Franklin County Historical Society Bulletin about 1950
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Federal officers at Camp Chase had their quarters here during
the Civil War.

This building is neither quaint nor picturesque but is decidedly American in construction, answering as it did a much needed purpose at a critical time in our history. It is a building that was occupied by Federal officers at Camp Chace during the Civil War. It is now located at 871 W. Broad street where it stands—disfigured with overwhelming business signs—used as a warehouse by a groceryman, Mr. A. S. Weiland. It is one of the few historical relics of that period yet remaining in Franklin County. This building, as well as all others at Camp Chase, was under the general supervision of Nathan S. Vincent of Blendon Township.

Camp Chase was a training camp for Union soldiers during the Civil war. It was located some four miles west of the Statehouse south of the Cumberland road. Upon the lands formerly embraced within the enclosure of the camp, once spacious parade grounds, now stand dwellings of peaceful citizens. To the south of the camp, and adjacent to Sullivant Avenue, is the Rebel graveyard containing the remains of some thousands of Confederate soldiers who died in the prison in the camp. This is all that is left to mark the site of a once famous rendezvous of Federal soldiers.



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