THE Township of Sharon consists of a small part of what was once Liberty Township. It is just five miles square, and is known on the maps as township two, in range eighteen. It was established by its present name the 14th of March, 1806. Its first settlement was commenced in the spring of 1803, by the Scioto Company, as related in the first Chapter of this work.

In 1804, the town of Worthington was laid out. In 1805, the Worthington Post Office was first established, and William Robe* was appointed the first Postmaster in 1805.

*Mr. Robe was a dwarf, or man of remarkabley small size, not weighing more than from fifty to sixty pounds in ordinary health. He was well proportioned and neat in his appearance; a well educated man, and gentlemanly in his manners. He was a teacher in the Worthington Seminary—afterward a clerk in the State Auditor's office. He died in January, 1823, aged about forty-five years.


Arora Buttles, second Postmaster, appointed in 1815.

Recompence Stansberry, third Postmaster, appointed in 1821.

R. W. Cowles, fourth Postmaster, appointed in 1841, and died the same year.

Recompence Stansberry, fifth Postmaster, appointed again in 1841.

Geo. H. Griswold, sixth Postmaster, in place of Stansberry, deceased, in 1843.

Geo. Taylor, seventh Postmaster, appointed in 1849.

Geo. H. Griswold, eighth Postmaster, appointed again in 1843.

Charles Martin, jr., ninth Postmaster, appointed in 1857

in 1811, the Worthington Manufacturing Company was incorporated. Col. Kilbourne was the President and general agent of the Company. They made some good improvements on the factory ground (so called) and about the year 1813 or '14 they went extensively into business. They not only manufactured woolen cloth, but carried on various other mechanical branches. They also engaged largely in the mercantile business, and in banking. They had their stores in Worthington, Franklinton and Columbus, and their bank notes in general circulation. The Company, however, eventually


failed, and the whole concern went down about the years 1819 and '20.

About the time the Manufacturing Company went into operation, the first newspaper ever published in Franklin County was commenced at Worthington. It was called the Western Intelligencer. It is noticed under the head of Newspapers—Chapter IV.

In 1835, the town of Worthington was incorporated, and in the spring of 1836, the corporation organized by the elections of the following officers, to wit:

Mayor, James Kilbourne; Recorder, G. H. Griswold; Trustees, Samuel Abbott, Wm. Bishop, Ira Metcalf, A. H. Pinney, Wm. S. Spencer, and R. W. Cowles; Treasurer, Levi Pinney; Marshal, Chauncey Barker; Street Commissioner, Abner P. Pinney; Dayton Topping and D. W. Harrington, Fire Wardens.

The subsequent elections were (omitting all minor officers) as follows:

1837.   G. H. Griswold Flavel Tuller Charles Sprague.
1838. Potter Wright do. Stephen Hoyt
1839. John Snow G. H. Griswold do.
1840. James Kilbourne do. do.
1841. do. do. do.
1842. Levi Pinney J. R. Paddock A. M. Hays.
1843. Sylvester Hays do. Ira Metcalf.
1844. William Bishop Ira Cowan James Beers.
1845. George Taylor do. do.


1846.   James Kilbourne B. F. Johnson C. S. White.
1847. G. H. Griswold R. K. Nash Charles Martin.
1848. Stephen Hoyt Horatio Wright John M. Hart.
1849. do. do. J. D. Tuller.
1850. do. J. M. Hart do.
1851. do. P. Goble Isaac Thompson.
1852. do. do. do.
1853. do. Stephen L. Peck C. S. White.
1854. do. do. J. D. Tuller
1855. Stephen L. Peck George Taylor H. J. Snively.
1856. do. do. do.
1857. do. do. do.

The population of this township in 1840 was 1,168, including the town of Worthington. In 1850, it was 1,509. In 1853, the township contained thirteen school districts, including the town; and, agreeably to the returns, an aggregate of 550 youth between the ages of five and twenty-one yars. In 1857, the aggregate of such youth was 494.

The following list of the Justices of the Peace who have been elected and served in Sharon Towship:

1803.  Ezekiel Brown, elected while what is now Sharon was part of Liberty Township.
1805. James Kilbourne, elected while what is now Sharon was part of Liberty Township.
1806. Alexander Morrison, jr., in place of Brown, after the organization of Sharon.


1808.  Ezra Griswold in place of Kilbourne.
1808. Isaac Case, under an order for an additional Justice.
1809. Alexander Morrison, jr., reëlected.
1810. Azariah Pinney in place of Morrison, elected Judge.
1811. Ezra Girswold reëlected.
" Glass Cochran in place of Case.
" Rueben Carpenter in place of Pinney, deceased.
1814. Recompence Stansberry in place of Cochran.
" Isaac Case in place of Griswold.
" Cruger Wright in place of Carpenter.
1815. Ezra Griswold in place of Wright, who was set off to Harrison Township.
1817. Stephen Maynard in place of Case.
" Recompence Stansberry reëlected.
1818. Ezra Griswold, reëlected.
1819. Arora Buttles in place of Stansberry, appointed judge.
1820. Samuel Abbott in place of Maynard.
1821. Nathaniel Little in place of Griswold.
1822. Arora Buttles reëlected.
" John Goodrich, jr., in place of Little, deceased.
1823. Samuel Abbott reëlected.
1824. R. W. Cowles in place of Buttles, appointed Judge.


1825.  John W. Ladd in place of Goodrich.
1826. Samuel Abbott reëlected.
1827. R. W. Cowles reëlected.
1828. John W. Ladd reëlected.
1829. Stephen Maynard, jr., in place of Abbott.
1830. R. W. Cowles reëlected.
1831. John W. Ladd reëlected.
1832. Isaac Case in place of Maynard.
1833. R. W. Cowles reëlected.
1834. John W. Ladd reëlected.
1836. R. W. Cowles, reëlected and Asaph Allen elected.
1837. Ira Metcalf in place of Ladd.
1839. Stephen Maynard and Levi Pinney.
1840. George Taylor in place of Metcalf.
1842. Stephen Maynard and Philo Burr.
1843. George Taylor reëlected.
1844. Ezekel Brown in place of Maynard, resigned.
1845. Philo Burr reëlected.
1846. George Taylor reëlected.
1847. Ezekiel Brown reëlected.
1848. Philo Burr reëlected.
1849. George Taylor, reëlected and Luther Case in place of Brown.
1851. Philo Burr reëlected.
1852. George Taylor and Luther Case both reëlected.


1854.  I. N. Case in place of Luther Case, and P. Burr reëlected.
1855. George Taylor reëlected and Stephen Hoyt in place of P. Burr, removed to Iowa.
1856. Charles Burr in place of Hoyt, removed.
1857. I. N. Case reëlected.
1858. George Taylor reëlected.

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