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Sullivant Family
Green Lawn Cemetery
Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio

Section "P" showing Sullivant Family graves, Green Lawn Cemetery, Columbus, OH

Gravestone Photographs

Rules and Regulations (1908)

LUCAS SULLIVANT, a native of Virginia, was a man with a dream and in late 1796 or 1797 he set out to make it come true. Crossing the Ohio River from his home in Kentucky he, "with his corps of chain-carriers, markers, etc., engaged in the surveying of lands and locating warrants, in the Virginia Military District, west of the Scioto; and in the month of August, 1797, he laid out the town of Franklinton. To encourage the settlement of the place, he appropriated the lots on a certain street, which he named 'Gift street,' as donations to such as would improve them and become actual settlers thereon. The settlement of the town was soon commenced."--Martin, History of Franklin County (1858)

Eventually that early settlement was to become part of its younger neighbor from across the Scioto River, Columbus. As the city grew the decision was made to remove some of the remains from Franklinton's earliest cemetery to the newly established Green Lawn Cemetery. Some members of the Sullivant family were among those removed. Some of the gravestones appear to be the original stones; others seem to have been erected when the remains were re-interred. Several members of the extended Sullivant family have been interred in the immediate area surrounding the graves of Lucas and his wife.

The photographs below were all taken in Section P and all are connected in some way to the Sullivant family.

Headstones (Section P):

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  • Boke, front: To Arthur Boke
    Back-- inscription is too weather worn to read, but a tablet in front of the original stone is a transcription made when it was still readable: TO ARTHUR BOKE WITH RESPECT -- born of a female slave, belonging to the Sullivant family helpless human, abandoned by his own mother he lived a, authenticate in the humanity he was nursed, nourished by Sarah Sullivant with her children, among where he lived respected till the end of, his life he died August 10, 1841 -- One orphaned his servant in childhood having raised him, into manhood extending on him as first, indured [sic.] him for, the integrrity of his character and gratefully remembering, his devoted services and committment dedicated this, epitaph to his memory
  • Starling
    • John Madison, born in Kentucky, March 21, 1824, died in N. Y. City, Sept. 22, 1853
    • Lyne,
      • Back -- Possessed of a clear, comprehensive. and reflecting mind, which was quickened and expanded by extensive travel, observation, and intercourse among men rather than by reading. Energetic and perservering, of a most retentive memory and a sound judgement he readily applied his knowledge, and in business affairs of life was eminently successful leaving many liberal and generous bequests, being also the founder of the Starling Medical College.
  • Sullivant
    • Caroline E., wife of William S., January 17, 1833-March 1, 1891
    • Clementina Dawson, wife of Lucas, 1839-1906
    • Eliza G., wife of William S. Sullivant, daughter of Eliphalet & Mary M. Wheeler, born in the city of New York, March 14, 1817, died in Ohio August 23, 1850 (Full View)
    • Elizabeth Underhill, wife of Joseph, 1831-1906
    • Elizabeth Underhill, daughter of Joseph & Elizabeth [dates not visible]
    • Fanny Willes, wife of Michael L. Sullivant, June 22, 1832-Sept 28, 1905
    • Jane, wife of Wm S. Sullivant and daughter of Alexander K. & Mary Marshall, born in Kentucky, Jan 7, 1808, died in Ohio, Jan 7, 1825 (Full View)
    • Jane Davison, daughter of Joseph & Elizabeth [dates not visible]
    • Joseph, son of Lucas & Mary Starling, 1809-1892
    • Joseph Arthur, son of Joseph & Mary Eliza, 1847-1920 (Obituary)
    • Lucas, Sep 1765-8 Aug 1823 [inscription on back very difficult to read]
    • Lucas, son of Joseph & Mary Eliza, 1838-1926
    • Lyne Starling, son of Joseph & Mary Eliza, 1841-1935, MAJOR, 113TH REG'T OVI 1861-1865
    • Madge, Nov 28, 1875-Feb 21, 1964
    • Mary Eliza, wife of Joseph Sullivant, born in Kentucky March 6, 1814, died January 8, 1851, richly endowed with every quality that adorns a woman, she was a warm and sympathizing friend, a dutiful daughter, kind sister, tender mother, and affectionate wife; in disposition amiable, charitable, and forgiving; remarkably unselfish, forbearing and self-denying, her deportment was irreproachable and in all the relations of the most of most exemplary; a Christian, consistant, humble, devout, patient, and suffering and sustained by a strong faith in the truth and promises of the Gospel, her end was peaceful and full of hope. The rememberance of her devoted, self-sacrificing affection and her many virtues will live in the hearts of those who knew and loved her. (Front)
    • Michael L., Aug 6, 1807-Jan 29, 1879
    • In memory of Sarah L., wife of Michael L. Sullivant, who departed this live Dec 5, 1844 in the 35th year of her age --- She was of sweet and noble nature, . . . grace and virtue crown her; her talk in life was full of beauty, deeply pious from life's earliest beginnings. With hope undeminished and faith unshaken she calmly passed away to God --- Here are deposited also the remains of six children, Lucas, Sally, Michael, Mary, Magdeline, and an Infant. (Front)
    • Rebekah "Bessie", daughter of Joseph & Elizabeth, [dates unreadable--sunken into ground]
    • Sarah McD., daughter of M. L. & S. McD., 1837-1895
    • Sarah Starling, wife of Lucas Sullivant, 1781-1814 and Sarah Anne, daughter of S S & L Sullivant, 1812-1814 [Back of Lucas Sullivant Monument]
    • William Starling, L.L.D., a classical scholar and member of various learned societies in Europe and America, Jan 15, 1803-April 30, 1873 (Full View)
    • William Starling, July 22, 1841-Sept 26, 1865 and Edmond Gray, June 9, 1844-March 31, 1867, sons of William S. & Eliza G. Sullivant
    • Unidentifiable Sullivant children; the grave on the left seems to be that of Francis Roderick, remaining inscription unreadable.

Photographs by David K. Gustafson

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