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Camp Chase Historical Marker

Camp Chase was a Civil War camp established in May 1861 on land leased by the U. S. Government. Four miles west of Columbus the main entrance was on the National Road. Boundaries of the camp were present-day Broad Street (north), Hague Avenue (east), Sullivant Avenue (south), and near Westgate Avenue (west). Named for former Ohio Governor and Abraham Lincoln's Secretary of the Treasury, Salmon P. Chase. It was a training camp for Ohio soldiers, a parole camp, a muster-out post, and a prisoner-of-war camp. As many as 150,000 Union soldiers and 25,000 Confderate prisoners passed through its gates from 1861-1865. By February 1865, over 9,400 men were held at the prison. More than 2,000 Confederates are buried in the Camp Chase Cemetery.

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