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Charles Mitchell was born in Pennsylvania, February 26, 1797. His father was Charles Mitchell, and his mother was Jane (Robinson Mitchell. Charles Mitchell, senior, was twice married, and had, by his first wife, three more children: Jane, Elizabeth and Andrew. The later went to New Orleans when a young man, and the last intelligence from him was that he had joined the army under General Jackson. The children by the second wife were John, Sarah, Charles, William, Hugh, Thomas and David. In 1815 Charles Mitchell and his family emigrated to Ohio, and settled where his son, Charles, now lives, a half mile north of Dublin, in Washington township, where he bought a large tract of land. He died in March 1823, and by will devised his property to his wife and children, giving each one hundred and fifty acres of land, with the exception of his wife and his sons, Charles and William, to whom he gave three hundred acres of land, on condition that they pay his debts, which amounted to a considerate sum. A very short time after his death, his sons, Charles and William, started down the Scioto river with a boat load of flour, port, potatoes and other produce, Their destination being New Orleans. On their arrival at that city, they found the market supplied with produce, and in consequence they received but about enough to clear the expense they had been at in the trip. (Other incidents connected with the early settlement of this family will be found in the history of Washington township).

On the first day of September, 1835, Charles Mitchell was united in marriage to Eliza Reed, a daughter of Samuel Reed, who was an early settler on Darby creek, near Milford [Center], Union county. The result of this union was seven children, all of whom are living within a short distance of their aged parents, whom they can see every day. The children were: Martha J., who married Asher Brand; Calvin married Sophia Ashbaugh; Anna E., married Harlan F. Johnston; Olive H. married Joseph Thompson; Mary E. married Frank Goble; Charles W. married Malvina McCauley; Luther R. married Julia Armistead, and remains at the old homestead.

The present home of Charles Mitchell was built by his father in 1822, and has since been continuously occupied. It is a strongly constructed frame building, and from appearances, will stand another half century.

Charles Mitchell and his wife were early members, and among the founders of the Presbyterian church at Dublin, the first service of this church in the towhship [sic.] being held in his father's house. They have been consistent members of the church of their choice for more than forty years, and for several years Mr. Mitchell has been an elder. Five of their children have followed in their footsteps, and joined the same church, as have the wives of each of their sons.

As the result of a hard and laborious life Mr. Mitchell has accumulated a good property, and in his declining years he can sit by his fireside, cheered by the company of his wife, who has been a life-time companion to him, and blessed with the company of his dutiful children and grandchildren.

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