HOW CAN I HELP THE Franklin County ALHN?


Become a lookup volunteer. . .
  • If you own or have access to:
    • County, or local histories
    • Township records (Often the following and more were kept at the township level):
      • Abstract of taxable property
      • Assessor records
      • Board of Education, including school records and teaching certificates
      • Board of Health (1893-1919)
      • Cemetery records, including list of lot owners, date of burial, etc.
      • Civil suits and criminal cases (minor crimes)
      • Marks & brands
      • Militia & paymaster records
      • Overseer of the Poor
      • Township Clerk (keeps records of township meetings and allocated funds)
    • Published genealogies
    • Historic newspapers
    • Vital records
    • Probate, tax, land, and/or court records
    • Anything that I haven't thought of.

  • NOTE: It is vital that copyright laws be respected.  If you have any questions regarding copyright, please see U.S. Copyright Office

  • Share historic photos and/or post cards:
    • Contribute scanned or duplicated (not photocopies) historic photos of family or places.
      • Photos of people should be accompanied by a note naming each person.  Or, if the person/people in the photo are unknown it should be accompanied by a brief explanation of where it came from and how it was obtained by the contributor.  No photos of living people will be accepted.
      • Photos of places should be accompanied by a brief description of the location and, when possible a brief history of the photo/location.

  • NOTE: If you have a Web site with historic Franklin County photographs or post cards, please, send the URL so that I can link to them.

  • Walk a nearby cemetery--transcribe the inscriptions, or take photographs.
  • Interview the oldest person in your family or community and contribute the results.  Remember to get answers to the big four questions--Who?  What?  When?  Where?--and try to include answers to a fifth question--How?
These are just a few of the ways that you can help.  If you think about it I'm sure that you will find additional ways to make the Franklin County ALHN an interesting and (dare I say it?) educational place to visit.  And you might even have fun, both as a volunteer and a visitor to these pages.

If you want to volunteer, make suggestions, ask questions, or contact me about the Franklin County ALHN please email me at

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