Utica High School
Class of 1925
by Mueller Studio, Newark

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Top: H. J. Spencer (H. I. Spencer?)
2nd row (all shown left to right): Waive Hoan (?), Utica High School, Fay Marlow
3rd row: Paul Carlisle, Louise Meek, Helen Barncord, Margaret Conard, Harold Moreland
4th row: Allean Schwenke, Edward Richcreek, Helen Ferris, Max Berger, Inez McLaughlin
5th row: Russel Lock, Blanche Van Fleet, Ruth Chamberlin, Ruth Kerrigan, Paul Wince

NOTE:  If you are related to any of the people listed here, and/or if you have any additional information to share about them, please, contact Leona at the E-mail address above.  I will be happy to post any information, additional photos, etc.

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